Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Rashad to Rutgers + Dorsey Update

Scout.com is reporting that Rashad Knight has committed to Rutgers over Michigan. The rumors in recent days seemed to suggest he was leaning that way, but its still a bit surprising. Michigan has been near the top of Knight's list for a long time.

Knight is a talented player, but probably not in the same league (talent wise) with Demar Dorsey and Sean Parker, who will now be the focus on signing day. According to the poll on the right, only 4% of you thought Knight would have been the best addition to UM's class, so this news shouldn't be that disappointing. 

Onto Demar Dorsey now. Michigan is really giving this everything now, Rich Rod brought four coaches with him for the in-home visit and they really pitched the "Charles Woodson role" to him, i.e playing both sides of the ball, which would take advantage of Dorsey's 4.35 speed. Also in Michigan's favor is the fact that Demar's parents are very high on the Wolverines, probably due to the academics, and that he has family (Denard Robinson) up there. 

FSU fans think they have Dorsey all wrapped up, ESPN doesn't even mention Michigan when speaking about his decision, but there is NO WAY Michigan are out of it. There hasn't been much news about his trip to USC, but I get the feeling its UM or FSU. 

As for Sean Parker, Washington might be in the mix now, perhaps more than USC? Michigan is the favorite here. Both Parker and Dorsey will announce tomorrow. 


  1. knight news is still disappointing, but at his talent level, he was probably scared off with the caliber of bodies we're getting in the secondary

    i wanted 2/3, so i really hope we land parker and dorsey. what a way to close the class

  2. Is this stuff about Dorsey's sketchy legal history legit?

  3. A friend of Demar Dorsey committed an armed robbery and was seen with Dorsey directly after the incident, along with some other friends of Demar. The actual thief was sentenced but Demar and his friends were acquitted of all charges. This was also two years ago? That's what I've been told anyway. Rich Rod would have done his homework on this, there's no way Michigan don't accept him. I think Dorsey does have a traffic violation though.... SHAME ON HIM!

  4. Being with someone who committed a crime isn't illegal. As long as he didn't help the criminal then he's fine. "Sketchy legal history" really?