Tuesday, 2 February 2010

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Sean Parker has looked like a UM commit for a while, but as mentioned earlier, Washington are making a real push for him. The Huskies made a great impression on Parker's official visit, and they are now the main competition for UM, USC are possibly out of it?

There are also some rumors that Richard Ash was looking around at other schools, this is something to keep an eye on tomorrow, although he'll probably stay with UM.

Look for Demar Dorsey to be wearing a Michigan hat tomorrow!!! I reckon we'll get them both! - Positive thinking...

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  1. though the announcement is 3pm tomorrow, dorsey is considered a solid verbal. multiple sources have him at blue...

    parker i hear is 51/49, will truely be a toss up as UW made a really big impression on him. we've been on him longest though, and he said from the start that he wanted to leave the area.

    IMO -- they'll both see the field at some point in some nick/dime packages.. and 1/2 could be a starter by seasons end