Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ray Hamilton Update

Ohio's top TE for the class of 2011 might just end up in Ann Arbor next season. Ray Hamilton was one of the more high profile recruits at the Michigan Junior Day, and he was impressed with everything UM has to offer.

Hamilton's father was a teammate of Rich Rodriguez when they played at West Virginia together, and the two have remained friends ever since, making the Hamilton family very comfortable with the Michigan program. 

Hamilton spent most of the visit with Offensive coordinator/TE coach Calvin Magee, and the two bonded well over the course of the day. Ray clearly has good relationships with the Wolverine staff, something that will be important in his final college choice.

As usual, the parents came away thrilled with the academic side of Michigan, which is a huge tool to have in recruiting. Hamilton is by no means ready to make a decision, and he still remains open to all schools. However he claims he will have cut it down to five by the summer, I'll be shocked if Michigan are cut!


  1. Is Hamilton a near lock 5 star?

    Michigan has to be the favorites at this time right? The connection with Rich Rod and his dad have to help a ton. I think right now its pick 'em between Michigan and the field. You?

  2. I wouldn't say Hamilton is a Five-Star lock, but he will definitely be one the elite TE's in the nation. Last year only one TE was a given 5 Star status by, so Hamilton would need a great senior season to reach that feat. He could easily end up in the top 100 though.

    As for UM being favorites, its hard to tell at this stage. The connection with Rich Rod is great, but both of his parents are WVU alums. UM is definitely in the top group (if there is one right now?) but Hamilton still has a lot of schools to visit. Expect UM to be there until the end though.

  3. Sounds good. Only 1 TE 5 star? Is that just because of the particular position (like kickers) or the lack of 5 star talent?

  4. I almost feel that getting an elite TE in this system would be a waste since they are barely used. Koger should be the #2 option on most plays (behind Roundtree) but he only had 16 catches last year. Do you know of any plans Michigan has to better incorporate the TE (besides being the cutback block on the QB read option)?

    Koger and Hamilton are about the same size and both are too small to be elite blocking TE (like small tackles). Do you think Hamilton's decision will come down to what Koger does this fall?

  5. Michigan coaches spent time going through film with Hamilton showing him how the TE is used in the system, and I honestly don't think he is that worried about it. Of course he would like to see Kevin Koger rake in 40 receptions, but the team results on the field might be more of a factor in his decision.
    Michigan can't really sell the whole "we're on the rise" this year without actually backing it up with results. A lot of top prospects are waiting to see how Michigan does before cutting them/committing to them. Justice Hayes was quoted as saying he would already be committed to Michigan if they had played better over the last two years.