Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Now it gets serious

Losing out on Rashad Knight? Ok, not that big of a deal. But losing Sean Parker to Washington when he was a Michigan lean? Ok, this one stings.

As announced on ESPN's live coverage of national signing day, Sean Parker has picked the Huskies over Michigan. The Wolverines were the favorites but the talented safety prospect had a change of heart at the last minute. This is bad news for GoBlueWolverine the magazine, their latest cover shot was of Cullen Christian, Will Hagerup and Sean Parker at the Army AA game!

The letters of intent have been flooding into Ann Arbor, and there are only three left to come in. These are Richard Ash, who is doing a signing "ceremony" at his High School in Pahokee, Antonio Kinnard and Demar Dorsey. This means Terry Talbott will be a Wolverine along with his brother after all!

The Dorsey announcement now become even more important as Michigan really wants to end the class on a high note. It would be disappointing to miss out on both Parker and Dorsey, but by no means would it be the end of the world, UM still has a very talented class.

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