Saturday, 20 February 2010

Junior Day

There is roughly 35 juniors visiting Ann Arbor for Michigan's 2nd junior day of the year, however there are some disappointments among those who couldn't make the trip. Top linebackers Trey DePriest and Lawrence Thomas are absent today, although Thomas had a quick visit last week. Trey had a basketball game and therefore couldn't make it in, he'll visit in the spring instead.

Notable attendees are:

- RB Justice Hayes       - OL Anthony Zettel          - Brennen Beyer

- TE Ray Hamilton       - OT Audrey Walker          - DT Kevin Williams

- Current commits (Hollowell and Brown)

Of these players, if any were to commit it would probably be Brennen Beyer. His entire family are Michigan fans and he has already been on campus before, however he might not be ready to offer a verbal just yet. 

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