Friday, 3 September 2010

Gameday Prediction

Recruiting has been pretty dead recently, and I'm currently away, which means very few posts as of late! But alas, I've found a computer and am able to write my gameday predictions!

But first, a few quick hitters:

- AJ Jordan and Anthony Zettel will both be at the game tomorrow as unofficial visitors, which is great news for Michigan.

- Deion Barnes, a defensive end from PA has got Michigan in his top five schools, meaning the Wolverines will get an official.

- Dee Hart and Ha'sean Clinton-Dix are definitely coming up from Florida for the game!


Michigan will win the game...let's get that out of the way early. I don't think UConn's defense will be able to stop Denard Robinson and Tate Forcier, who provide Michigan with two different but effective styles.

There is too much on the line here for Michigan to lose this game. Let's face it, if they do lose, Rich Rod is out. Because if you can't beat UConn at home (no disrespect Huskies), you won't be able to beat Notre Dame away and you definitely won't pick up many wins in Big Ten play. This is a must win.

The players will realize this, so they will be pumped up. Add this to 110,000 fans who have waited months in what has to be the hardest off season in sports, a newly renovated stadium and Michigan has a big advantage from a motivation standpoint.

The only worry is that they were bad last year! To make things worse they lost the two best players on that side of the ball. And yet, for some reason I'm quite optimistic about the defense, even the secondary. By all accounts JT Floyd has stepped up majorly this spring and fall, and Cullen Christian is a future lockdown corner.

UConn are an alright football team, their offense will cause Michigan problems, but in the end the Wolverines WILL WIN this football game.

Final Score: Michigan 38, UConn 24.

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