Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend Notes

Was away again this weekend, didn't even get to do a prediction!

Whilst it was only against Bowling Green, the game on Saturday showed us a few things:

- Firstly, when Denard Robinson gets hurt, Michigan has two extremely capable backups that can come in and run the offense. It was great to see Forcier get back to his old self and just play good football. Devin Gardner was unlucky at times, he had a long TD pass called back for a personal foul, and then Hemingway dropped a sure TD on the 5 yd line, but overall he had a good day.

- Secondly, the defense isn't THAT bad. Sure, they are prone to big plays, but they also make a few themselves. They definitely came out there with something to prove, and if you take out that 70ish yd screen pass that should have been a 3-4 yd gain, then they only conceded around 210 yards.

- Cam Gordon is slow! He got burned by Kyle Rudolph against Notre Dame, which I thought might be a one off, but yesterday he just never looked like catching Tyrone Pronty on that screen pass. He's probably better suited to strong safety, however Michigan has no other decent Free S.

- Lastly, the run game is dominant! Having 466 total rushing yards against any team is impressive, and it was nice to see what Fitzgerald Toussaint can do on the field. Nine players rushed the ball for Michigan, and all but one had an average of 4 yards per carry or more. Michigan now has the nation's 2nd best rushing attack.

Recruiting Notes:

It was mainly 2012 recruits at the game, but they were some good ones. Ohio DB Allen Gant (Charles Woodson's cousin?) made it up for the match, as did Michigan prospects Dan O'Brien (DT), Dakota Perry (DE) and Hunter Matt (LB). 


  1. Should we be concerned with the long span between michigan recruits?

  2. It has been quite a while since Michigan's last commit, but right now there is no need to panic. Michigan is in good positions for many of the nation's top recruits, and if they keep on winning, I could see Michigan bringing in a great class. If everything goes to plan, Demetrius Hart could commit to Michigan sometime this week, or the week after. So the 'drought' will be over!

  3. I thought Hart was waiting to announce till after alabama visit?

  4. Well his Alabama visit is this week, so he could announce after that, or sometime in the week after. However, after his Auburn visit, Hart seemed to indicate that it was down to just Auburn and Michigan, and that he might not visit Alabama. We'll just have to wait and see.