Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Michigan Targets: Quarterbacks

With one QB already in the class (Kevin Sousa), and three talented players already on campus, QB recruiting certainly isn't a priority for the Michigan coaching staff. However, there is still one signal caller who could end up in Ann Arbor.

- Marquise Williams (Charlotte, NC) - Apart from maybe Braxton Miller, Williams is the top QB in this class for what Michigan is looking for. He has the poise, leadership and dual threat ability that Michigan craves, there's just one problem. He's committed to North Carolina. Yes, Williams picked the Tar Heels early in the summer over Michigan and Virginia Tech, however the race is far from over.

Williams always wanted to visit Michigan but he never got round to it, which is why Michigan didn't have that good of a shot in the first place. He's decided to open things back up, and the Wolverines have many things going for them.

Firstly, the allegations against North Carolina are pretty darn serious, and Head Coach Butch Davis could well be fired. Secondly, Virginia Tech lost their big game against Boise State, and then dropped a shocker to FCS James Madison. These two programs have had poor starts to the season, whilst Michigan has flown out of gates with two good wins. Michigan seems the most attractive program right now.

My only concern is the playing time issue. Williams is a fighter, and wants to compete. But with D-Rob, Devin and Tate all on campus, it could be a few years before he sees the field. Will this scare him off?

In the end it will come down to how bad things turn out at North Carolina, and how well his visit to Ann Arbor goes. Michigan has a serious chance.

Chances of signing with UM: 35%

Note: For those who may wonder if Michigan would want to take another QB in this class, remember that Michigan lost a QB in Cornelius Jones who they thought they would have for 2010. Add that to the fact that Williams is a very good player, and a lot more polished than Kevin Sousa at this point.

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