Saturday, 11 September 2010

Gameday Predictions

The previous rule of not being able to pick against Michigan has been lifted...

As much as it pains me to stay it, I think the Irish will win today, purely because the game is in South Bend and Michigan hasn't won a game on the road since Minnesota in 2008. If the game is in Ann Arbor with that crowd, then it would basically be a repeat of last year.

Michigan (aka Denard Robinson) will put up points because Notre Dame's defense frankly isn't that great, although they have a stud in Manti Te'o at linebacker, who will be after Denard all day.

The real worry is Michigan's defense, which looked better against UConn, but still not great. Michael Floyd could have a field day if Dane Crist can get him the football. The key to the game is Michigan's D-Line/linebackers vs ND's O-Line. Can the Wolverines get enough pressure on Crist to force mistakes?

I don't know much about Brian Kelly's offense, but if it involves screens and short, quick passes, we are in trouble. Michigan's depth in the secondary is plain awful, and Notre Dame are probably going to run over us. The two deep for Michigan's secondary (i.e 10 players) has six freshman, three sophomores and a senior who used to play WR.

Prediction: Michigan - 24, Notre Dame -33

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