Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gameday Reactions

That was about as good as you could hope for as a Michigan fan, I don't know anyone who predicted UM to win by 20 points, but that they did with the 30-10 victory over the Huskies earlier today. Denard Robinson was simply awesome, in both the run and pass game. 

The big question mark in 2010 was, well was pretty much the whole defense, and for the most part they played alright. UConn dropped a lot of passes though, and don't expect the same from the Irish next week. Still, you have to be pleased with a 4/15 3rd down conversion rate for UConn.

On offense things flowed well, Rich Rodriguez's system finally looks near completion with the players he has now. Denard Robinson was an astonishing 19 of 22 for 186 yards and a TD through the air, and picked up just under 200 yards rushing. My favorite stat of the day is Will Hagerup's, one punt (which says a lot about the offense) for 51 yards. (Truthfully the punt rolled quite far, but still a good start to his average!)

Next week UM faces Notre Dame in South Bend, and that should be a great match-up. The Irish beat Purdue 23-12 at home, with their new QB Dane Crist having a solid debut. Although Purdue's D isn't much. 

The big question now in the world of recruiting, is does Dee Hart commit after today's game? If I was a recruit leaving the game, I'd be pretty impressed with what I saw from what is still a young Michigan team.

Loads of 2012 kids made the journey to Ann Arbor in the end, including a few big names from Ohio in Chris Wormley and Terrell Dorsey, and some top 2012 Michigan prospects in Terry Richardson and Royce Jenkins-Stone.

There should be plenty of reactions from prospects coming shortly.

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