Monday, 27 September 2010

Wayne Lyons Update

I do love a good question...

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Anonymous via email: "According to Rivals we are pursuing Wayne Lyons from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. What the latest scooop on him and do we have a shot? Tony Dews is the lead recruiter."

Answer - Things aren't looking good for Michigan and Wayne Lyons right now. He has already shown up to a Michigan game this year, but unfortunately he was there to see Notre Dame. Still, seeing the Wolverines in action might have saved whatever small chance we have with him.

Whilst Rivals say Michigan are pursuing Lyons right now, his favorites don't include the Wolverines. His likely destinations for official visits include UCLA, Stanford, Nebraska and Auburn, and he'll also take unofficials to Florida, FSU and Miami.

A while back he released a top 14 schools, which Michigan was a part of, however he did admit to favoring the in state powerhouses. I'd be pretty shocked if Michigan got an official visit.

On a brighter note, Michigan is in a great position for two other defensive backs from down South, GA S Avery Walls and FL CB Dallas Crawford. Michigan's recruiting efforts will be strongly focused on these two over the next few months.

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