Friday, 17 September 2010

Transfers, Updates and Predicitons

Firstly, if you haven't watched Denard Robinson - The Happening yet, do so here. Really good video! On with the show...

- Michigan has yet more players transferring out this week, firstly DE Anthony LaLota and now it has been announced that true freshman Davion Rogers has decided to leave the program. LaLota's departure is likely a playing time issue, whilst its not yet been said why Rogers has left. Have to look on the bright side and say its more scholarships for a talented 2011 class. And speaking of 2011 recruiting;

- Dallas Crawford AND Sammy Watkins are both penciled in as visitors for the Michigan-Iowa game, but it won't necessarily be an official. Does this mean the talented duo would then come up to A2 a third time in the winter for an official?

- WR Hakeem Flowers (Greenville, S.C) has named a top five of LSU, UCLA, Oregon, Georgia Tech, and Michigan. It's not a final five, things could change. Haven't heard that much about him, so I'll believe his interest is legit when he sets up a visit.

- Anthony Zettel and Chris Bryant are the two main visitors for the game tomorrow. Zettel is as of now meant to be there, but his main objective tomorrow is to get to the MSU-ND game, so he may leave Ann Arbor a little early if need be. I'm sure the result will be beyond doubt by the time he leaves anyway.

Gameday Prediction:

This prediction is certainly a lot easier than last week...Michigan are going to win! :O

Is everyone else sick of hearing about how Denard is going to get injured if he keeps running it so much? I'm sure Rich Rod is, so he'll reduce D-Rob's action this week, probably to around 2 quarters. Still, with Gardner or Forcier at QB, Michigan will dominate a pretty small D-Line in UMass, look for the team to put up around 50. 

Fitzgerald Toussiant is listed as probable for the game, which is great news, I'll be looking to see what he brings to a position which has slightly disappointed this fall. Hopefully they will give the RB's a lot of carries to build up some kind of confidence heading into Big Ten play.

From a defensive standpoint, I'll just be happy if there are no 50 yard plays against us. Breakdowns in coverage have haunted the team for a while now, look for the young secondary to rack up some confidence in this one. Cameron Gordon needs to bounce back after being torched against Notre Dame. 

Kicking a few field goals would be nice too.

FCS programs have done well this fall against BCS foes, but I can't see Michigan losing this one. 

Final Prediciton: Michigan - 51, UMass - 13

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