Saturday, 9 October 2010

Demetrius Hart

Name: Demetrius Hart

Location: Orlando, Florida

Position: RB + Returner

Ratings: Scout – 4*, Rivals – 4*, ESPN – 4* (80); espn150 (#118)

Recruitment: Received his Michigan offer early on, and favoured the Wolverines straight away. Former teammate and best friend Ricardo Miller was already a Michigan commit at this time. Dropped Michigan at one point because of the NCAA allegations but after speaking with Coach Rod he put them back in the lead. He visited for the spring game and the season opener against UConn. Main competition came from Alabama (finalist) and Auburn. He selected Michigan on October 8th 2010, right after scoring 4 TD’s in a game.

Offers: Had offers from most major programs, like Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn, Georgia etc. In other words, big time offers.

Stats: Holds school records in most rushing categories. According to rivals he had over 2,000 all-purpose yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior. He’s off to a good start this year too. Currently weighs around 185 at 5’8. Runs 4.5 forty yard dash.

ESPN Analysis: Hart is a short, stocky runner with great quickness and productivity. A small explosive package. Utilizes his low center of gravity to his advantage as a runner; very difficult to get direct shot on him. Hits the hole with great downhill burst and authority. A decisive runner. Slices through defences with quick cuts, he has great ball carrier vision.

A very good receiver coming out of the backfield, has polished hands which could help him see the field early as a freshman. Overall, Hart is a great competitor and running back prospect who would be garnering more national attention if he just had a few extra inches.

From the man himself - “I think my strengths are I can see the whole field. I can read a defense real well, watch a lot of film and I have speed so I can get around the outside or I can get through holes. I know how to be patient and wait on things like for blocks to happen and stuff like that.”

Improvements: Get taller?

Film Highlights: Link here. It’s only three minutes, but it’s a good three minutes...

Also check out his announcement video, here.

Final Thoughts: Ricardo Miller started it, and Dee Hart is continuing it. A pipeline to a Florida powerhouse school is exactly what Michigan needs right now. Dr Phillips consistently sends out D1 talent, and that will continue next year with 2012 QB Nick Patti.

Hart is a true competitor and really should be ranked higher than #121 on ESPN. “would be garnering more national attention if he just had a few extra inches”. It seems a bit harsh, Hart has excelled in camps, 7 on 7’s, and by all accounts is set for a record year rushing. Look for his stock to rise at the end of the year.

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