Wednesday, 27 October 2010


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If you have any questions related to Michigan football recruiting, or just football recruiting in general, please send me an email at and I'll do my best to answer them.

Question via email: What ever happened to Cyrus Hobbi? and is Michigan still #1 for Anthony Zettel?

We certainly haven't heard much from Hobbi on the Michigan front for a while, which is worrying. He visited unofficially in the summer and seemed to have a good time, so the hope is that he'll come back for an official. He recently went to Nebraska and gave them a 10/10 which again, is worrying. Distance and academics will play a big role in his decision, and unfortunately Michigan only has one of those going for them. Personally I think he'll end up at either Nebraska or one of the California schools.

As for Anthony Zettel, Michigan does still lead for him. He wants to play DE in college, and Michigan gives him the chance to start early there. The Maize and Blue are also his childhood favorite, so I can't see Zettel heading elsewhere, unless Michigan melt down and lose the next 4-5 games.

Brad via email: What up with Doran Grant, it seems like he would be on the highest priority list, along with LB’s.

Grant probably is a high priority for the coaching staff, but he might also be considered an unrealistic target. He's a Buckeye fan living in Ohio who's dad played at Michigan State. MSU currently sit at #5 in the BCS, and OSU will probably make it to a BCS bowl. Sure, he's got to love the playing time available at Michigan, but with his two favorites having such good years, it's unlikely in my opinion that Michigan can lure him away. Hopefully they will get an official visit at least.

Hi, since A.J. Jordan is not gonna be a wolverine, who do you think we will get at the wide reciever spot and how many do you think we will take. Also do you have any news on Conelius Jones and if he will play or even get on the team.

Michigan still has a shot with Sammy Watkins, and a good one at that. But with kids that highly rated, you can never be sure. Hakeem Flowers is still on the board, but there wasn't exactly a buzz after his official for the Iowa game. There are rumors that Michigan are still trying for DeAnthony Arnett, but MSU is looking good for him right now. Chris Gallon (Dee Hart teammate) will visit with the rest of the Dr Phillips crew for the Illinois or Wisconsin game, and Prince Holloway should also take an official up north. It's not a great group in terms of ratings, but to be honest WR recruiting isn't a worry compared to DL, LB and DB.

As for Cornelius Jones, I haven't heard anything about him in a while, which probably means he won't be coming to Michigan. Antonio Kinard however, originally from the class of 2010 is there on most Michigan commit lists, so it looks like he'll get in.

Brian via email: Must get Latwan Anderson. Any chance?? Thank you in advance. Love your work.

I heard he quit the Miami team because he couldn't get playing time - which he certainly could at Michigan. For the moment I think he's just running track for the Canes. Since he hasn't stepped on the field at Miami, he could transfer and play next year at a Div 1 school. Anderson is obviously a very talented player, but I'm not sure if Michigan will go after him. UM has had a lot of trouble with players like him, I don't think they'd want another. He was originally a WVU commit so maybe he'll try there first.

Tom via email: You haven't mentioned how Tim Jernigans visit was. What can you tell us??

Tim Jernigan himself hasn't done any interview that I know of since the visit, however his dad has. The four star DT is WIDE open at this point, despite rumors that he was a Florida lean. He really enjoyed the visit, especially when he got to hang out with the players. There are two key factors for Jernigan, playing time and academics, both of which Michigan has.

He spoke with all the coaches, the academic advisor, Mike Barwis, Dave Brandon. Michigan really went all out, and it seems to have paid off. The Wolverines should definitely have a hat on the table on signing day, which is when he'll probably announce.


  1. Jernigan recently eliminated FL off his list (VERY surprising, IMO). This is big: Michigan is among his final 4. With Campbell on the move, Jernigan has to take a closer second look for a chance at early PT. We need a lot of depth at DT/NT. Here's to Kevin McReynolds too.

  2. I saw the tweet about him dropping the Gators, it certainly is surprising. I heard before that he was concerning with the Gators crime rate amongst players, but I didn't think he'd drop his childhood favorite. Maybe playing time is an issue too, the Gators got three ESPN 150 DT's in last year's class.
    Either way, Michigan's chances with Jernigan just went to an all time high.