Saturday, 2 October 2010

Game Reaction

Probably the worst defensive performance from a Michigan team in a long time, I mean they really looked hopeless out there. For crying out loud, they let Tandon Doss get over 200 (yes, TWO HUNDRED) receiving yards :O

To be kind to them, they kind of stuffed the run in the second half, but that didn't exactly work out because it meant Indiana just threw even more. Still, at least we don't have the worst defense in the league, that title surely belongs to Indiana, who somehow let Michigan gain 574 yards in just 18 minutes of possession, on just 45 plays. That's just under 13 yards per play on average...

Congrats go to Junior Hemingway, who's leaping catch late in the game most likely saved the jobs of the coaching staff (I would have taken IU to win in OT), and of course Denard Robinson who became the first QB to rush and pass for 200 yards in a game, twice - I think? He got some kind of record, I wasn't really listening.

Up next we have Michigan State at home, who seemed to dispose of Wisconsin fairly easily today. At the start of the season I was looking forward to the MSU match as a date for revenge, but now my confidence is shattered.


If I'm Doran Grant, Dallas Crawford, Karlos Williams, Ha'sean Clinton-Dix etc etc, I'm thinking Michigan is the place to be. They have a kick ass offense in place for at least two more seasons, and I can walk into the starting lineup without even showing up to camp! Jokes aside, there is serious playing time available here, someone must want it.


  1. Are Roh's talents being wasted at the Hybrid position? He looked lost out there trying to chase running backs and receivers instead of using his speed and burst against offensive linemen. Seems like the position shift has taken away his advantage and made him a liability.

  2. Have to agree with you here John. Whilst I am a fan of the 3-3-5 and the advantages it brings, it's clearly not working out for Roh. He often looks lost in coverage, as do all of our linebackers, but still. If Michigan wants to play him in that role, they need to blitz him on over 50% of the plays to utilize his skills.

  3. whats the word on Hart? ///thanks for all the great updates, you do a great job!

  4. I'm still waiting to hear how Hart's visit to Alabama went, I'll post something on it asap. Bama rolled over Florida pretty easily, so chances are the visit went well, but was it good enough to knock Michigan off the top spot? We'll see in the next few days.