Friday, 29 October 2010

Time to give up on Grant?

Doran Grant is one of the top players left on Michigan's board, but the Wolverines' chances seem to be diminishing. Whilst UM was named in his top eight, Grant admits that its MSU, Ohio State, USC and Georgia Tech that are really standing out right now.

Really it's just going to come down to Michigan State and Ohio State, I can't see why Georgia Tech is in the top four? 


  1. Who's next to commit? Are we falling behind the power curve? It seems like we are really having a tuff time getting the quality players to commit? Whats your thoughts, concerned Michigan fan?

  2. First, its spelled tough, not tuff!
    Second, It’s still early in the season. When you have guys like Jernigan, Watkins, Lyons, Zettel Walls, along with guys Karlos Williams and DeAnthony Arnett starting to look back at U of M, still plenty of time to land quality targets!!!

  3. Am I thrilled when I look at the class right now? Certainly not, we only have ONE espn150 player (Hart). However, the class still has the potential to turn into a good one. As Cardball mentions, we still have a great chance with some good players like Walls, Jernigan, Crawford, Zettel etc.
    Now, if we start to lose more games, then I'll be concerned. But if Michigan gets to eight wins then the class should turn out nicely.

    As for the next to commit, it's hard to say. Maybe Daren Kitchen if he gets the written offer? He's basically said he'll commit on the spot when it comes through.