Friday, 22 October 2010


All good news!

- Four star WR Quinta Funderburk has narrowed his list down to just four schools, Michigan, Florida, Arkansas and West Virginia. This comes after Funderburk visited UM for the Iowa game last weekend. He's already taken officials to all but West Virginia, so a decision could be coming pretty soon, definitely one to keep an eye on.

- A lot of you have emailed asking what DT Tim Jernigan thought of his visit last Saturday. Unfortunately I haven't seen any articles on his trip just yet. However, he did say on facebook that he got to hang out at Denard Robinson's place, so I'm sure it went good! Jernigan has to consider Michigan on playing time alone, none of his other favorites offer the opportunity that UM does. Especially considering there are rumors that Will Campbell might switch to O-Line :O

- DE Deion Barnes has released his top five schools, which are Michigan, Penn State, Pitt, Georgia and South Carolina. I don't think he's visited this summer, so look for him to be on campus soon.  

- Michigan coaches will be at the game of DT Kevin McReynolds today. Apparently the coaching staff is really going after this guy now, and the persistence is paying off. Hopefully they can persuade him to visit for a game.

- The coaches will also be scouting DeAnthony....Arnett? Yes, even though he dropped the Maize and Blue off his list a couple months back, the UM coaches must feel they still have some kind of shot. They'll be at his game tomorrow. By the way, it was Michigan that cooled on A.J Jordan, not the other way around, so that means they are confident of landing better WR's. If Arnett goes blue, it would certainly be sweet, I've had him down as an MSU lock for a while. 

- LB Lamar Dawson is still considering Michigan, his list currently includes Kentucky, Louisville, Florida, USC, Oregon, Tennessee and Michigan. He'll narrow it down to five after his season ends, and then take officials. Given our LB play, this is a huge target.


  1. just did a rare recruiting post, let me know what you think:

    also, who's our next anticipated announcement? OL Bryant?

  2. Good post Jeff, keep up the good work :)

    Byrant will most likely be the next announcement, right now I can't think of anyone else. Avery Walls could, but it looks like he wants to take more visits. Looking ahead a bit further, perhaps Kris Frost will announce/commit at the Wisconsin game?