Sunday, 17 October 2010

Michigan still #1 with Crawford

ESPN 150 defensive back Dallas Crawford has confirmed that Michigan is his number one school right now after he visited unofficially for the Iowa game yesterday. 

The combination of a good coaching staff and the chance to play early seems to have won Crawford over, but he still has a few more visits to go. Miami is currently just behind the Wolverines, and he'll definitely visit them in the next few months for an official, as well as West Virginia and Tennessee. 

However, because yesterday's visit was an unofficial, Crawford will come back to Michigan in the winter for an official, as will his teammate Sammy Watkins. Really, they just want to see what snow is.

Miami is the main competition in both cases, although the Canes probably lead in the race for Watkins. I'm certainly not overly worried right now about WVU and Tennessee for Crawford. 

They are probably going to visit Michigan in December, so expect a decision later that month or early January. 


  1. crawford and watkins are big deals for this class. would you put them as locks?

  2. What about Tim Jernigan? He would be huge as well, any news on the others as well?

  3. @ Jeff: I definitely wouldn't put Watkins down as a lock, right now its between Miami/Michigan/Clemson for him. Crawford could be considered a strong Michigan lean, he's twice named the Wolverines as his leader and he hasn't even taken his official visit yet.

    @Brad: No word as of yet on what Jernigan or the other visitors thought of the game. That'll surface in the next few days.