Friday, 8 October 2010

Weekend Prediction

Michigan has lost their last two games to Michigan State, look for that streak to end this weekend. I know a lot of people are picking the Spartans, but I have faith that the Wolverines' D will step up in the rivalry game. 

While Kirk Cousins is a good QB, he won't have a Ben Chappell game. If Michigan puts him under pressure, he could well crumble on the road, and after all, this is his first road game of the year. What MSU has that IU didn't have, is a solid running game to back up the pass. This is going to cause Michigan problems.

All Michigan's defense needs to do is make a few plays! An INT or FF here and there could be all the difference. It's not as if they need to hold MSU under 25 points! Denard and Co should put up close to 40 points themselves.

Game Prediction: Michigan 42, MSU 34

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