Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cheat's prediction

It really is cheating, but I'm going to do my gameday prediction now, around 7 minutes into the game. The score is currently 7-3 Michigan. I won't go into details, but the fact we stopped them scoring a TD on their first drive is reason for optimism. Michigan 42, Illinois 34

Recruiting Notes:

The big surprise today is that DeAnthony Arnett, who was rumored to be interested in the Wolverines again, has shown up at the game. This could be huge! Not sure whether its an official or unofficial visit yet. As mentioned earlier this week, Malcolm Crockett (Cincinnati RB commit) is at the game.

Also, four star CB Blake Countess (Olney, MD) has been offered by Michigan. He has a pretty good relationship with the coaches and will hopefully visit quite soon. Main competition could be Georgia Tech, who he's quite high on.


FUMBLE!!!! We actually got a turnover! muhaha!


  1. Here's a prediction for everyone to follow...SUCK-GERG ROB. GONE AFTER THE YEAR....FOLLOW ME ? .... HOPEFULLY RR IS GONE ALSO... HE HAS NO IDEAD ABOUT X'S & O'S... Just watch what he did with clock management in the last minute of the first half.

  2. Greg, I assume you mean leaving Illinois time for a FG a the end of the half? To be fair Michigan scored with 37 seconds left. No matter how bad a defense you have, you should be able to stop a team from scoring in that time. But no matter, Michigan won. Let's just celebrate it and move onto Purdue.