Saturday, 13 November 2010

Gameday Prediction

This is yet another must win game for the Wolverines, as the next two games look pretty difficult - Wisconsin and OSU.

If this game was at home, I'd have no doubt that Michigan would find a way to win, but because its in West Lafayette, Purdue has a chance at the upset here. They played a very good first half against Wisconsin last week, so I think its crucial that Michigan gets a couple of early scores to take the crowd out the game.

If Michigan thinks their defense is unlucky with injures, just look at Purdue's offense! Their top QB, WR and RB are all out for the season, which means Michigan's defense could actually hold them under 30 today! I'm not even sure which QB they are playing, but Michigan has to force him into making mistakes. Getting a couple of turnovers in Purdue territory would be nice for a change!

Michigan simply has to win, and they will!

Michigan 42; Purdue 31 

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