Saturday, 6 November 2010

DeAnthony Arnett Update

Forgot to post this a few days ago. DeAnthony Arnett is nearing his decision date, his been on multiple visits out west and should be ready to commit later this month. But he did say he'd take one more visit, which would be a surprise. Of course we now know, that surprise trip was to see Michigan beat Illinois in an absolute thriller!

Arnett had to be impressed with what he saw from the UM receivers. Roy Roundtree proved today that Michigan isn't just about the running game, its quite possible to put up ridiculous stats in the offense.

Hopefully Arnett is seriously considering the Maize and Blue again, he'd be a brilliant addition to the class and it would be a major recruiting victory over MSU. Props to the coaching staff for staying on him, never giving up. Ill have another update on him when his game reaction comes out. 

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