Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Kris Frost Update

With the defense getting murdered on Saturday, it's good to hear that Kris Frost is still really high on Michigan. Frost loved his visit to Ann Arbor for the game, and even said the result did not effect his time on campus.

He's already visited Auburn and Michigan (the presumed top two), and next up will be LSU, and then California. His top three right now are Michigan, Auburn and LSU (no order), those are the hats that will be on the table at the Army All American game, where he will announce his decision. I guess if the California visit goes well, they will get a hat too.

I don't think LSU have much of a chance, they won't let him play WR, which UM and Auburn will. Ultimately its a two horse race, and with everything going on at Auburn, I think he'll sign with the Wolverines. Michigan was described as his dream school, he's visited plenty of times and his parents love the academic opportunities for Kris. 

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