Thursday, 18 November 2010


As always...

If you have any questions related to Michigan football recruiting, or just football recruiting in general, please send me an email at and I'll do my best to answer them.

Steven via email: I heard Michigan has found a sleeper LB in Florida, what can you tell us?

I think Ryan Petro (Winter Springs, FL) is the guy you're after. He's a OLB/DE type of guy with really good speed (runs a 4.5) and a nose for the football. He's quite similar to Desmond Morgan, except Desmond is a middle linebacker. The good news is that Ryan plans to take an unofficial visit to Michigan this weekend for the Wisconsin game, and he could well be offered whilst in Ann Arbor. Other schools that have been scouting him include Nebraska, Pittsburgh and Rutgers. If Michigan offers early, they will probably be the leader. He grew up a Gators fan.

Chris via email: My question is do you see anyone out there that could be a, "How the heck did we get him?" type of commit. i.e Demar Dorsey

There are a couple in this class that would certainly be a shock to the recruiting world if Michigan were to sign them. Defensive lineman like Ray Drew or Tim Jernigan would be a big surprise, but the one that compares well to the Dorsey situation is Karlos Williams.

Williams is a top safety, from Florida, already committed to a Florida school, but is still taking visits. This sounds awfully familiar to me, he even has a similar character issue as Dorsey; Williams was suspended for his final few games after punching an opponent? I'm not saying that its going to turn out the same as the Dorsey case, but as the coaches have proved, when they get someone on campus, anything is possible, and Williams is scheduled to visit Michigan this January. Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix is another candidate for this too.

Jake via email: Whats the latest on Kris Frost? Is he visiting this weekend and are UM recruiting him as a WR or LB?

Frost visited Auburn recently for the Georgia game and loved it, said the atmosphere was amazing etc etc. Right now, I think Auburn is probably the leader, even with the whole Cam Newton situation. He will be visiting Michigan this weekend, but he's not sure whether it will be an official or unofficial. He wanted to drive up with his parents on the Friday so they could make it in time for kickoff, but now he has a playoff game Friday night. So he could drive up on Saturday, miss some of the game and call it an unofficial - or he fly up on his own Saturday morning for an official. 

As for his position, I haven't heard anything new on it lately, so I assume he still wants to try out at WR first in college. Then if he can't get on the field, he'll move to LB where everyone tells him he has much better potential.

I'd give Auburn the edge right now, but if Michigan beats Wisconsin this weekend, the Big House will be rocking and who knows, the Wolverines might just edge back in front. We'll also have to see what happens with Cam Newton, because if Auburn are found guilty of anything, they are screwed.


  1. Frost has missed like 4 visits already right? I just have a bad feeling about him. Not that he's missing on purpose, just that nothing is going right with him. If I was a HS player I'd cut Auburn off the list right now because Auburn is clearly going to get USC type sanctions this off-season. I don't get why the kid wants to play WR. I don't get why the kid wants to play WR. He can be a so-so WR and sit 2 years before he plays or he could be an all-conference LB with a (VERY EARLY) chance of being a future NFL pick. Easy choice for me.

    I know we have 0% chance of getting Drew, Jernigan, Williams and Frost but wow would that D be amazing or what. Right there are 3 all-american guys and 1 all-conference. Add that to guys like Breyer and Hollowell and the young Freshman we have this year and I think that defense would top the big 10 in 2-3 years.

  2. I hope he realizes that his true potential lies on defense. And whilst Frost has missed a few visits, he's already been to Michigan 3-4 times, so he's very familiar with the campus and the coaching staff. I think he'll sign with Michigan...
    We are never going to get all those players, but I'd settle for one or two any day! Jernigan is probably the most important, as Michigan badly needs some depth at DT.