Friday, 19 November 2010

Weekend Visitors

The big news today is that Kris Frost AND his parents will be on a flight to Michigan tomorrow morning, so it will be an official visit. Yesterday it looked like only Kris was going to make it, but his parents have decided they need to visit too. This is good news for Michigan, as the parents will get to hear all about the academics etc.

New Jersey TE Jack Tabb will be the other official visitor on campus tomorrow, and this is an important one, because Michigan would love to take a good TE in this class and Tabb has a Florida offer, so he's probably quite good? He's a four star prospect on ESPN.

As mentioned in the post below, sleeper prospect Ryan Petro will take an unofficial to Michigan this weekend, and if it goes well there's a chance he'll be back on campus officially on Dec 10th.

2012 Safety prospect Allen Gant should also be at the Wisconsin game, I think he's the cousin of Charles Woodson, probably going to be a UM vs OSU battle for him. This is the second game he's seen at the Big House this year - encouraging.

There should also be a few 2012 in staters as usual, I know Dakota Perry will be there, I'm sure more will be too.


  1. Do you know if there are any coaches going to the Toledo St. Johns v.s. Toledo Whitmer game Saturday night at BGSU? Should be a good game with 2011 recruit Jack Miller for St. Johns and 2012 prospect Chris Wormley for Whitmer both on the field.

  2. I'm willing to bet the coaches aren't going to be recruiting anyone tonight...but Allen Gant is indeed the cousin of Charles Woodson, you are correct