Saturday, 6 November 2010


COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!

What a game, possibly program changing. By far the biggest win of the season, and perhaps the most important of Coach Rod's tenure at Michigan. We're going bowling!

When it needed to be done, Michigan's best players finally came through. Here's just a few of today's heroes:

- Junior Hemingway: He fought for every yard on the day and pulled in some really clutch catches, especially the tipped ball for a TD in 2OT.

- Darryl Stonum: Might not have had a great day statistically, but that TD catch to tie the game was by no means easy. 

- Roy Roundtree: He actually had two dropped passes on the day, but to be fair to him he did set a Michigan record for receiving yards - 246yds with two TD's; immense!

- Tate Forcier: He turned the ball over on his first snap, but he showed he can run the offense pretty darn well with a heroic effort to keep Michigan in the game. 

- Jonas Mouton: Purely for sacking their QB to win the game!

Hopefully Denard Robinson's injury isn't serious and hopefully Michigan can enter the OSU game a respectable 7-4 or possibly 8-3 if they play out of their skin against Wisconsin.

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