Monday, 22 November 2010

Watkins to Clemson

Genuinely shocked...

WR Sammy Watkins has committed to Clemson today over Michigan. Watkins is the of course the teammate of recent Michigan commit Dallas Crawford, and after Crawford went blue, most people (including me) expected Watkins to follow suit.

The experts even predicted he'd go to Michigan, so this is a big surprise, especially the timing. I thought he would drag it out a little longer. Hopefully he'll still take an official visit with Crawford in the Winter; no word as of yet whether this will happen.  


  1. Has he had an unofficial visit to Michigan yet? I would think if he was on campus at all before now then we don't have a shot, however, if he hasn't come and if we can get him on campus he may change is commit.

  2. He's actually already had two unofficials, one for the Spring game, and one for the Iowa game. But official visits are a lot better, the recruit gets to hang out with the players etc etc.