Tuesday, 23 November 2010

err....my bad

So yesterday I kind of ruled out the chances of Justice Hayes going to Michigan, and today he commits to Michigan...

This is a bit of a shock then, as Hayes was seemingly really high on Notre Dame no less than a week ago when he was still recruiting for them! But apparently Coach Jackson (UM RB coach) already knew the change was coming. Maybe Hayes just saw the writing on the wall, it seems like everyone is decommitting from the Irish nowadays.

This gives Michigan two 4* RB's in this class, with Hayes and Dee Hart, but I'd imagine they'd still take Thomas Rawls as a big back if he gets his grades in shape. Malcolm Crockett and DeVonderick Nealy won't be playing RB at Michigan, although Nealy might still be recruited as a slot receiver. 

Commitment post will follow


  1. why dont we recruit a damn kicker?

  2. When is Sammy Watkins or DeAnthony Arnett going to decommit and come over to Michigan. Clemson already has two WRs that are rated higher than Watkins. It doesn't make sense unless he thinks he won't play at Michigan for a couple years