Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ifeadi Odenigbo Article

Ohio DE/LB Ifeadi Odenigbo is the subject of Sam Webb's weekly column in the DetNews, it's a pretty good read, link here.

Quick Summary:

- His parents are Nigerian, and didn't really want him playing football as a kid. They let him play when his grades were good.

- He didn't emerge as a real force until his junior year, when he learned how to hit hard.

- Michigan, MSU and OSU have offered, along with nine other schools.

- Money is probably on Ohio State right now, he was very excited with that offer.


  1. If his parents care so much about grades then they should be pushing him Blue's way. Honestly I don't understand the lure OSU has on so many kids. They have to be paying them in some way.

  2. I agree 100%. If his parents know or care anything about education, they should send him to Michigan over OSU any day.

  3. Totally off topic but anyone know if Mike Barwis is still around? I know they kept him on when everyone else was fired but is he still there now that the new S&C team is in place? His wiki page says only that he is a consultant for the NY Mets but does not say if he was let go by UofM. As for OSU, where there is smoke there is fire....

  4. I heard Butch Davis and UNC were interested in Barwis, nothing official yet though. He's definitely not at Michigan