Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Willingham to UCF?

For over a week Leilon Willingham has been considered a heavy Michigan lean, and probably even a silent commit. Now the last two days we've been hearing he'll sign with why is now listing him as a UCF commit?

Willingham, as far as I know, is still set to officially announce the decision tomorrow morning, but its certainly not looking good for Michigan.

In other news:

- Ohh yeah it turns out the best O lineman in the country was a Michigan commit for a few months, but signed with someone else today. No, not Cyrus Kouandjio, Jake Fisher of course! Chip Kelly had this to say of Fisher:

"If he's not the best OL in the country, I don't know what I'm talking about."

Fine Chip, I'll say it. You don't know what you're talking about. Fisher is a great prospect, but is nowhere near being the top guy in the nation just yet. He spent the majority of his high school years at TE!

- Anyone else frustrated about the lack of Big Ten power in the recruiting game? Only OSU and Nebraska cracked ESPN's top 25 classes. It'll be interesting to see how many make it next year with the supposed good year in the Midwest.

- I mentioned this earlier, but I'll say it again. Can anyone tell me how Clemson can land a class like this! I checked the Coaches Poll final rankings going back to 2002, and I'm pretty sure they haven't had a 10 win season; heck they were only 6-7 this year! Sammy Watkins is their third best WR in their class, nuff said...

- Interesting to hear Coach Hoke refer to Tamani Carter as a Safety in the press conference.


  1. He goes were he goes, no one has control of that but he & his family. Best of luck to him, no hard feelings. I am excited on the 20 kids that seng there LOI's in today. Go Blue.

  2. On Chip Kelly and Fisher ...Of course hes gonna say that about a player he gets on his team ..They have to sell them lies ...

    As for Clemson if you look at the recruits LOTS of them are in state recruits and they probably grew up a fan of that team..All their recruits look to be from FL,NC,SC,VA...So much talent in the area is rediculous..Doesnt mean they will translate to wins or anything ..Good recruiting coordinators are a blessing

  3. I live in Clemson. I hate it, but I am a yankee. The reason they recruit so well is their recruiter. They have the top recruiter in college football. God I hate Clemson

  4. All the recruiting sites still have Holloway listed as being highly interested in UM. Is there any chance we take him as a CB?

  5. Prince Holloway? He wasn't recruited by Hoke. I don't think he's qualified.

  6. Urban Meyer said earlier today on ESPN-U, that he thought Greg Mattison is the best recruiter in collage football. Not bad w/the amount of time he (staff and Hoke)had, but I think it's only going to get better. Specially w/all the defensive talent coming out of Michigan net year. 2012 looks to have more talent in the midwest than did in 2011.

  7. Forget him, Clark, Poole, Jones and Morgan is a solid class no worries

  8. hopefully Denard and Devin Gardner can stay healthy and if not what about bringing in Jeremy Gallon or Thomas Gordon who played quarterback in high school instead of losing the redshirt to Russell Bellomy. What are you guys' thoughts? and I think we should get Marcus Graham too from Trotwood OH the pipeline from Michael Shaw and Roy Roundtree.