Thursday, 3 February 2011

Willingham to UCF

Multiple sources are saying Leilon Willingham to UCF - confirmed.

The Denver Post is reporting that Leilon Willingham has committed to UCF over Michigan and Colorado; sounds strange to say that.

I'm not really sure what went wrong here, Willingham loved his visit to Michigan and there were some strong rumors that he was a silent commit along with Frank Clark.

*Pure Speculation*: Maybe he didn't want to be the 5th LB in the class?

Still, this ends Michigan's recruiting for the class of 2011, time to move on to 2012! Over the next few weeks offers will be flying out, so there should be lots to talk about.


  1. This one is very strange. There are several reasons why he might have decided to go with UCF. One is depth at LB. There will be five RS Fresh and T Fresh at LB next season. Along with 4 soph as well. Another one is kids sometimes get upset if a school continues to recruit his position. Or it could be that he will be the gem of UCF's recruiting class. Either way I don't think that this is a huge lose in the big picture of things. This frees up an additional scholarship for next season. The state of Michigan and Ohio will be have a ton of talent next year. And with OSU having limited scholarships to offer next year. That opens up the door for Mich to steal a couple.

  2. Leon is stupid and chicken. I understand why he choose UCF. He doesn't want to compete. However, in Michigan, he will have a good chance to be a starter, because he has talent. In UCF, can he get his starting position automatically? No way. He has to compete as well over there.
    One thing I concern is that why Michigan recruit so many LB? Last year, they recruited so many WR, and they selected many LBs. Then, what about next year? DTs' turn?

  3. @ LoverofTroy

    We heavily recruited LB's because it was a position of need..Also because some LB's grow into DE's so maybe coach Hoke realized some of the LB recruits from the last year or 2 will be better served playin on the line getting sum speed rushers ..We had no consistent pressure on the QB last year from the DE spot....Also we need to get faster as a defense and most of these guys are pretty fast for LB....

    Next years recruting class should be all over not heavily on 1 specifi position..I do see a need for TE,QB,DT,OL and some bigger physical S prospects ... Maybe a 6'1 or 6'2 WR who can run

  4. @UMFAN323
    thanks for your answer. I think Chris is a good TE, so we do not need on TE position. As for QB, I think we need a good one, but it's very hard to get a decent QB if Devin's petition will be approved. Who wanna be a back up for 4 years? As you said, looks like DT and OL is imminent.

  5. The need for DT and S is huge. The team simply doesn't have the type of athletes it needs at those positions. QB is not really a concern, I don't know why people would suggest that. With Denard for 2 more years and Devin for possibly 4 whats the rush? We have at least 3 years to find a worthy, talented QB.

  6. Did you know that the wr going to ucf with willingham is the nephew of brandon Marshall. Recall mashell went to ucf. Willingham is getting the hook up from mashell by going to ucf. That is the reason for his decision
    F&@$ the buckeye!!!!

  7. We have 3 scholarship QB's and with the way D Rob gets injured we need atleast to have a few capable backups..We all held our breaths when we saw him limp off the field all season , now if we got a couple good back ups to choose from we will all be happier..Besides nothing is wrong with having alot of competition thats what makes teams better when you have competition at every position...I say we go for a pro style QB this year its a couple good ones in Mich.

  8. Personally, D-Rob is a running back in QBs body. He has a strong arm, but there seemed to be only a few kind of passes he could hit regularly. He's better than Pat White as a passer, but worse than Tyrod Taylor.

    I didn't hold my breath -- I expected him to keep getting hurt. He's tough, but his pads are smaller than a running backs, etc. I felt like Forcier was neglected by the coaching staff, and by himself because of that.

    Now, if Gardner lives up to his potential I see him battling to start as early as game 6 of this coming year. His "back ache" only came on once Forcier stopped pouting and tried to focus on being the backup. I'll be happy if Robinson improves as he did this last year, but he's got to show he can play QB in the Big Ten, still.

    It is not outrageous to think this when you see that Robinson did not make first-team All-Big Ten at QB. Sure, he won POY, but not for being a good QB. His Big Ten stats: 12 Passing TDs to 10 INTs, with half of those coming against Indiana and Illinois.

  9. So your going to compare a Soph Robinson to a Senior Taylor. During Taylor's Soph season he threw for just over a 1000 yards with 2 TD's and 7 Int's. He also ran for 700 yards and 7 TD's. Please explain to me how that he better than Denards stats.

    Why the love fest for Gardner. He is unproven and throws a worst ball than Denard.

    How fast things change. At the beginning of the season everyone loved Denard. Know everyone is acting like he is s bump.