Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Slightly worried?

Firstly, let me say that I'm fully aware we are still in February, and there are hundreds of twists and turns yet to happen in this year's recruiting class, but is anyone else slightly worried with how things are looking right now.

Whilst Michigan is in on a lot of good prospects, especially in and near the state of Michigan, they don't actually lead for many recruits right now; especially the big timers. It looks like most of the in state battles won't even be with Michigan State, rather invading schools such as Tennessee, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Alabama.

Here's a quick look at some of the top players on Michigan's board:

- LB James Ross: He could be the top recruit in the state of Michigan this year, but he could also be headed to Ohio State! Whilst he had a great time talking to Hoke and Mattison, he's an OSU fan at heart and couldn't hide his excitement when the Buckeyes offered last week. He'll be tough to land.

- CB Terry Richardson: Michigan is not the leader right now; we don't know who is. But with the likes of Alabama, USC, LSU and more after the UA All American, he's going to be really hard to keep in state. We're also forgetting PAC-10 Champs Oregon, who he's reportedly very interested in after they landed Dior Mathis in the class of 2010.

- DT Dan O'Brien: I think eventually Michigan will land O'Brien, mainly because of the opportunity he will get to see the field early at DT, along with the chance of playing for two great D-Line coaches in Hoke and Mattison. But the fact of the matter is, Tennessee is his leader right now, and Derek Dooley is a pretty darn good recruiter, as he showed when he pulled Arnett away from UM, USC, MSU and co last year.

- LB Royce Jenkins-Stone: He's probably the only big in state name to have Michigan as his leader right now, but even that's not confirmed. He was very happy to receive that Oklahoma offer, and more schools are likely to come into the picture; maybe Alabama decides they want both the Cass Tech kids etc etc. Either way, RJS is certainly not a lock as some people might assume.

- DE Chris Wormley: Here's another guy Michigan may well lead for, but it's hardly official right now. He likes the new UM coaches, mainly because they are defensively minded, and they have NFL experience to help him get to the next level. However Wormley is probably a top five player in the state of Ohio, so you know it's going to be a tough fight with OSU; and the Buckeyes landed one of his teammates from last year, making things just that little bit harder for Michigan. Michigan might be the current leader, but its awfully close.

Conclusion: I know this is a pretty negative outlook on things, and that Michigan does actually lead for some very good prospects like Matt Godin, Jordan Diamond and Ron Thompson. But before this year started, everyone was talking about the big four in state guys, the Detroit Three + Dan O'Brien; and it appears none of them are locks for UM right now, which is somewhat disappointing.

As for that first commitment, I think I'll stand by my original prediction of Ron Thompson, with Matt Godin as the #2 candidate.

Side note: I'm on a computer that for some reason does not have spell check, so I apologize for the probably numerous spelling errors in this post!


  1. Hard to say, but I think it's still so early and Michigan's coaching staff is still only a month and a half old. I think we need to be patient and give them more time to get to know these kids. Other schools have had the luxury of a coaching staff that has had contact with these guys in previous years, and the kids are familiar with them. On the defensive side, knowing the reputation of Mattison, many of these kids will probably eventually see what an advantage for their future it would be to play for him. It would be nice to have some commits and be the so-called "leader" but I'm confident things will progress in a positive way. I also think kids these days enjoy the cat and mouse recruiting game and don't want to really give away their true intentions until they make their big announcement. It's a game to keep people guessing...especially us blog junkies who track every little word they say.

  2. If they start winning again, they will come. It's amazing how W's heal things.

    Just to add, we are behind on Wormley. OSU is at everyone of his basketball games. Although, they are probably there to recruit Nigel Hayes, Kenny's brother. But they are still there and I'm sure they are in contact.

  3. this is disconcerting... still very early though. the longer these guys take into the process, the better for michigan, IMO so we can show them something on the field.

  4. Too Early to be worried. Guys, just like offers right now. Having an offer from an OK or Alabama is one thing. Having thier parents have to spend $$$ to travel to games is another.

    I think Michigan with the talent instate and in Ohio is set up for a top 10 class in 2012. Don't be surprised if they pull a rabbit out of the hat with a guy like Zeke Pike as well.

  5. We gotta be patient! They are waiting to see how the season transpire, i believe!!! I think at minimum a bowl game would be ultra successful!! and more recruits will look this way....I still think a lot of players are not fully on the Hoke-a-mania boat! especially if Greg Mattison defensive turns out to be sexy!!

  6. Im not full on nervous but I am a lil worried..Alot of these guys we have gave offers to claim to have been lifelong Michigan fans its their dream school ..So you figure once they get the offer why wait go ahead and announce for us... I think alot of these players didnt think they would be getting national attention and now that they are it changes alot of things

  7. Some of these guys would be great to have but i think one of the places we need to get one or two highly rated prospects it would be at the running back spot We are in line to have a shot at some big backs who can run. If we can get two in this class plus last years hall of backs we could be seriously set for the future of a pro style offense with down hill running style and dominating the game. Then with that we could get other peices in this class. then comes the defense which I am confident will thrive under hoke and Mattison