Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Technically speaking, it's Wednesday for me, so here are some signing day predictions....

- Not exactly groundbreaking news, but Frank Clark will commit to Michigan.

- Again, not a huge surprise, but Leilon Willingham will commit to Michigan.

- Chris Barnett to Michigan. He hasn't been that vocal with his recruitment, except for that interview with MGoBlog, where I got the impression he liked Michigan, a lot.

- Darian Cooper AND Cyrus Kouandjio to Iowa. I think Bama or Auburn are the favorites for Cyrus, but I'm going to pick the upset and go with the Hawkeyes for the DeMatha Duo.

- Jake Fisher to Oregon, there's been rumors about him all day, and they all point to the Ducks.

That covers the five guys Michigan are interested in. Check out the blog tomorrow for a running commentary of National Signing Day, and also check out my Twitter which will post all the major news (i.e not just UM) from the day.



  1. What time does Cooper announce?

  2. I read somewhere on ESPN that Cyrus has dropped Iowa, and that AUB, ALA, and New Mexico are still in the running, and that NM actually has a strong chance. If he has dropped Iowa, we might still have a chance for Cooper

  3. What odds are you giving that we land another recruit out of nowhere.....a surprise!!! I can't help but think that our coaches have reached out to others that we don't know about.

  4. Benji, I agree with you Cooper to Iowa. Cyrus will end up at Bama or Auburn. It's hard to say Cyrus will want to compete against his older brother but I believe he will go to Auburn who is on a hot streak with top recruits coming of the NC. Hoping we land Barnett. Go Blue.

  5. UM is the only news that matters...

  6. Do we have any backup plan DTs? If we are so thin at this position, why aren't we offering at least 3 DTs? It just seems we have an abundance DB and LB recruits.