Sunday, 16 October 2011

The road ahead

A loss is a loss, let's just move on and try not to dwell on it.

Michigan now has a bye week before what should be an easy rebound game against Purdue. That would send us to 7-1 (3-1), and given that we're going through a coaching change, this is pretty darn good.

Michigan then has two fairly tough road games to contend with, @Iowa and @Illinois. Personally I'd take a split here, but it's not unreasonable to say that Michigan could win both and get to 9-1.

All that remains after that is Nebraska and Ohio State at home, which should both be interesting games. Michigan struggled against the option attack of Northwestern, so I think Nebraska could give us some problems, but to be honest, I think at Michigan Stadium the Wolverines can beat anyone in the Big Ten, with Wisconsin perhaps being the only exception.

So of those last four games, I think Michigan should probably win three of them, minimum two; so we're basically going to be 9-3 or 10-2, not bad eh?

Sidenote: Please answer the new poll on the right! I know it's nothing to do with Michigan football, but I'm buying the phone tomorrow, so opinions are needed fast!


  1. Benji,

    I agree with you there is no reason UM can't win out. Ill and Neb. will be tuff but winnable.. I am looking forward to the Purdue game to see if there is any changes to the O?

    Any word on recruits?

  2. I agree with the predictions, although I don't know what to do about denard. I've been defending him all season, and I still think he's the starter, but he HAS to fix these passing woes, we will not win ball games if he doesn't pass better than this weekend. Also, where we're our defensive adjustments at half time? We played better in the first half.

    I'm with Benji though, I can't believe what I saw from William Gholston. Even the MSU fans in the room with me during the game were just silent about it. I'm not going to throw the "class" thing out there because this is a rivalry, but COME ON. I think the ref's threw the first flag because he jumped on the pile, I don't think they saw gholston trying to break Drobs neck. Isn't that attempted murder?

  3. Some random thoughts:

    Who would not have gladly taken 6-1 after seven games before this season started?

    The Oregon wannabe, filthy playing, sharty sparties are as good as they will ever be. They got their through good coaching, and taking advantage of Michigan ignoring in state recruiting, and the recruiting of smash mouth players. Those days are over.

    Gholston's behavior was inexcusable, and he should have been ejected. But, I can only imagine what Lewan said to him......Anyone thinking Lewan did not have it coming? You have not been watching Lewan very closely.

    as I've posted multiple times: I love DR. I believe in live by DR, die by DR, until the conversion is complete. Yesterday, we died by DR. Just like the end of last year, including that other MSU debacle.

    DR is a slightly beefier Breaston, with dredds.

    Anyone can make the throws against nobodies, with all the time in the world. The acid test are the hurried throws, the throwing on the run, the checks. Sorry, but even he knows he failed.

    From a passing QB perspective only, he was the 3rd best QB out there on Saturday.

    The game really should have been a blow out. Typical sharty nonsense ball, and horrific examples of uncoachability, despite having a discipline guy at the helm, only left me with a retrospective smile on my face.

    They are the best they will ever be.

    Michigan's worst days are fading in the rear view mirror, as Hoke and company drive away from the sordid past.

    I'm convinced that a new day has dawned. We are witnessing a dynasty in the making. Although there will be painful moments along the way, the course is clear, and the future is bright.

    I bet we see more and more DG, DR tandem plays. Then DG takes over after next year, and blossoms as an all around threat at QB.

    Go Blue!


    When I bought my 4, I went to the Apple store intending to buy a white one. The glare of the white case made me switch to black. If you use your phone a lot, in all conditions, and for many purposes, it's something to think about. Although, in the UK, the brightness may be an asset! Also, I recommend picking up a Mophie Juice pack. Expensive, but awesome.

  4. When I bought the iPhone 3GS I asked for a white one and they were sold out, so I bought black instead. Always wondered about whether I'd just look like a douche with a white one? Anyway the poll suggests I should go for another black one, and I trust you guys completely!
    I'd never even heard of a Mophie juice pack until now, they idea is great, but I don't usually have battery issues, so I think i'll leave it.

    As for Michigan, right now Denard still gives us the best chance to win with his legs, but that might not be the case next year if Devin continues to improve.

  5. I love dr but I think dg is a qb but nobody should complain about.6_1 and we can beat cornbuster and will.beat ohio

  6. What are the chances Dantonio goes to OSU next year? I think pretty high.

  7. He just signed a new contract designed to keep him a 'Spartan for life'. So I'd say chances are low. OSU will go for Meyer first anyway, no matter how much he says he enjoys working for ESPN and watching volleyball.

  8. I just looked back at the predicition I made on this site for the season, and I am very accurate. Here it is:

    WMU-they suck, Blowout Win
    ND- has to play us at the big house, under the lights, they lack a definate QB, and just came off a trap game vs South Florida. Win in last minute
    SDSU-lost their top four receivers from last year, their success was based off of great coaching from hoke and Borges. Win, not a blowout but will never be a serious threat.
    Northwestern-QB coming off a nasty injury, defense has questions, they haven't proven they can win close big games, and they are coming off a tough road game at Illinois. Win in a close one
    MSU- lost a lot in the trenches, will struggle much more than last year. They have a bye week while we play a tough road game vs northwestern. Loss in a thriller.
    Purdue-not a good team. Blowout win
    Iowa- this is a rebuilding year for them. Win but since it's in Iowa city, it's closer than expected
    Nebraska-they are better than us, but as the season goes on we will get better and they will get worse. They are coming off a tough road game at Penn state. Winner winner chicken dinner.
    Ohio- I have a feeling they will be lacking most of the tat five due to suspensions. They will be worn down from a tough season. Win
    I believe there should be another loss, I just can't determine where. We still make it to the big ten championship.
    Wisconsin- They are better than us, loss after a courageous comeback by Michigan comes up just short
    We make it to the BCS as the #2 big ten team, our fan base helps us beat out a more deserving team.
    We get placed in the sugar bowl vs a big east team or BCS buster and win. The faith of the fanbase is completely restored, our recruiting class finishes up with Yuri, Brionte, Payton, and Garnett. We have a top 3 recruiting class and everyone is happy.

  9. Mark,

    Where is Ill.?


    We all know coaches will sign a big contract and quit so they can go to a better job. Nick Saban comes to mind. And Meyer is OSU #1 choice. I am sure OSU gives Dantoino a call.

  10. He also forgot Minn (not that it really mattered but just saying). Also if us and MSU wins out wouldn't they win the division and play Wisconsin(if they won their division) in the B1G title game?
    Also besides having a house in Columbus what ties does Meyer have to OSU? I know he coached at BG but before that i am unsure. Didn't Meyer also leave Florida because of stress it put him under and time it took away from family. What makes anyone think OSU will be any less stress or time consuming? Especially considering the possible NCAA sanctions that could be handed down?
    BTW @ Mark I would love to see our class finish with those 4 names but would also like to see a 5th recruit by the name of Madris added to that list. The rest seem like very attainable names however i think we stand a better chance with Banner than Garnett

  11. @Mark We don't play Wisconsin this year

  12. That sack at the 20 with 6:16 to go was a fuckin facemask. We would've had a first down and likely took it in for a score which woulda tied it up. Look at the replay on's headline on their football page.
    And if Denard keeps passing like this we should just put him in the backfield as a runningback and maybe give a 2-back look sometimes as much as I love the guy he's just not getting it done through the air.

  13. I was kind of disappointed that Vincent Smith and Touissant weren't utilized more in the offense. They were both pretty effective during the first scoring drive and then it looked like we fell in love with the pass wayyyy too much on a day when no one, not even Cousins was completing anything. I actually thought that was a stupid decision by both coaches to keep passing so much. DR definitely reverted back to some of his poor habits that he developed under RR, which is why some of his throws were off. We telegraphed wayyyy too much when DG was in there too, which was really stupid. Everytime he came in it seemed like he was passing. I'm fine for the most part with having them both in there at the same time because it adds a new dynamic that the other team has to defend against, but right now we're using DG like RR used DR when Tate was still here, but in reverse. Whenever DR came in, defenses all new it was going to be a pass. Now when DG comes in it seems like it's almost always a pass. I think that if DG is in the game they need to keep DR in there as well to do the sweep, which was very effective, or to at least fake a run with DR. Not having him in with DG allows the opposing D to key in on the pass. Come on guys, don't be so predictable...after all this is Michigan ;-)

  14. Not that it is anything to get excited about as of right now. But there is a interview over on espn with Yuri Wright. Seemed to me his eyes lite up when they talked about Michigan and the 110,000+ fans that he was excited to see at the OSU game.

  15. @Bendy Do you have a link to that video

  16. @ Will here ya go

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  18. All things considered we have a good team. D Robinson really need to work on passing and not looking so confused, I still love the kid but he needs to focus on developing as a passer and work through his progressions better...misses too many wide open receivers.

    Good D! Yes we had a few bad tackling moments which ended in scores, but we did well.

    Blake Countess is going to be something else, that young man is awesome and is looking like the best corner on the team as far as fundamental and playing the ball. To think he's only a true freshman.

  19. Arik Armstead has de-commited from USC Mentioned Michigan as a possible official visit per

    Armstead: "I have my visit to Notre Dame this weekend and I’m visiting Alabama (Nov. 4). I’m also looking at Cal, Washington and Michigan for my last few visits but I think after word gets out that I’ve de-committed, I think a few more schools will come calling as well and I’m definitely open to that.”

  20. To think we will go on the road and beat both Iowa and Illinois is setting a high bar. Iowa is going to be a hostile environment and it was a shootout with Illinois last year and we were at home. Then after the road trips host Nebraska and O$U and after seeing our tackling ability and troubles with NW and MSU I do not see us finishing 10-2..I dont mean to be negative but after the RR era its made me more pessimistic lol..I hope I am wrong but 9-3, maybe even 8-4 if we lose to Iowa...we dont have a passing game and all the teams left know that

  21. Arik Armstead would definitely be a great finish to our O-line. Let us know what you hear Benji!

  22. I'd still take Peat, Banner, Garnett before Armstead. Can not recall the source, but Vanderbilt is pursuing Blake Bars hard.

  23. Armstead is adamant on playing on the defensive line and is also a guy that wants to play basketball as well in college. He is projected as an elite OT (5*) at 6'8 and 315 lbs, but a 4-star as a defensive tackle. I do like Bars and wouldn't be too bent out of shape if he chose to go elsewhere if it meant an available scholarship for someone like Wright, Dunn, or even a 3rd WR like Madaris.

  24. If I remember correct. Jordon Payton say something about a fab five for UM this year in recruiting? Just think Armstead, Banner, Garnett, Payton and I don't know who the other guy would be but this would be great for UM and future recruiting. I do not think this will happen but we can hope.

    I hear the coaches are out recruiting this week(not Hoke) does anybody know who?

  25. Sorry this is not related, but does anyone know if Gholston will be suspended or not? what is the protocol? When will we know?

  26. Hoke sent the NCAA a tape today so we will wait to see. The badger will be very thankful if he is suspended.

  27. @jer
    the other guy for the supposed fab five was Shaq Thompson