Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where are they now: DeAnthony Arnett

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Name: DeAnthony Arnett

Position: WR

Recruitment: Arnett was one of the top, if not the top player in the state of Michigan last year; and UM always expects to land this kind of talent. Arnett was pretty on and off with Michigan, at one point cutting them from his list, and then surprising everyone by turning up to the Illinois game; briefly restoring our hope. Unfortunately for UM, it wasn't meant to be and DeAnthony ended up at Tennessee.

Tennessee: At the Volunteers, Arnett has little chance of starting a game right now with Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rogers, but he's working hard and has earned some time on the field already. In fact, he's already caught two touchdown passes, and is 4th on the team in terms of receptions (11). Some questioned how well his game would translate to the college game, but things seem to be going pretty well for Arnett. If he continues at this rate, he'll have himself a very solid freshman year.

What could have been: Well he hasn't quite had an impact like Sammy Watkins has, but Arnett is doing well at Tennessee. Rogers and Hunter are two very good WRs, so it's understandable why he's not getting too much of the ball. If Arnett were at Michigan, I think he'd be right up there on the depth chart, and would probably see a lot more time on the field. UM badly needs weapons in the passing game, and Arnett would have been a nice addition.


  1. FYI, Justin Hunter tore his ACL in the Florida game so he is out for the year. Arnett is getting more PT as a result. He's not starting yet, but he's definitely the #3 option right now w/o Hunter. I expect he is starting by the end of the year.

  2. Ahh, well that's bad news for Tennessee, but good news for Arnett.

  3. As expected, O'brien commits to Tennessee. Was UM pushing for him in the end, or had they cooled off on him? Anyhow, I'm not worried. This class will finish very strong.

  4. Future where are they now: Dan O'Brien... It's all good, plenty of talent left! Go Blue!

  5. I heard from several internet bookmakers that Deantony Arnett was in talks with some other club managers that wanted him at their clubs