Saturday, 29 October 2011

Go Gophers!

I'll recap the Michigan game and a few other B10 games tomorrow, but for now lets give three cheers for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, who basically took Iowa out of the Legends division title race with a stunning 22-21 upset!

The Gophers (2-6) have looked simply terrible this year, but they played their hearts out today and you have to feel good for them, especially since we already spanked them 58-0...


  1. It's like Michigan to ND. Lately, we've just had their number, and lately, Minnesota has Iowa's number.

  2. Minnesota and Michigan alum here! Good day for me. At this point I'll take what I can get from the Gophers. Floyd of Rosedale is going to have to start paying room and board to the gophers before too long. Love it! Go Gophers and Go blue!

  3. Though listed as a committed prospect, one of the most important recruits at last night's thriller between Ohio State and Wisconsin was Canton (Ohio) GlenOak running back Bri'onte Dunn. The 6-foot-2, 215-pound bruiser has been keeping his options open, having visited Michigan and Penn State already during the season. Dunn enjoyed his first night game at 'The Shoe' on Saturday.

    "I think it was my first night game that I can remember," explained Dunn. "It was pretty neat. It was a great game and it was a close game and I liked it."

    Dunn's visit was an unofficial one, but he was able to speak with some of the coaches prior to kickoff.

    "Before the game I talked to coach (Jim) Bollman and Dick Tressel and some of the other coaches and some of the players," he said. "Bollman was just saying how impressed he was the Hoover game that he came to and they asked me how I did in my last game."

    Dunn had a huge game on Friday night in a win over Massillon Perry. The big, physical back rushed for 320 yards and a pair of touchdowns to close out the regular season. Dunn and company have qualified for the Region 2 playoffs.

    "I was injured and I think this is probably the first game that I was back to my normal self," he said. "I think the coaches were just trying to get me the ball and get the momentum back and get ready for the playoffs."

    Dunn's GlenOak squad is among the favorites to come out of the region and as he begins to get healthy again, he feels they simply need to play their brand of football to make a run in the playoffs.

    "We just need to out-physical the other teams," he said. "We need to out-physical them and play smart and eliminate the mistakes and I think we'll be ok."

    Dunn has been chasing the illustrious Stark County career rushing record this season and entered Friday's game nearly 1,000 yards away from the record. While the mid-season injury looked like it may havederailedthose hopes, Friday's huge game puts him back in the mix.

    "That injury really messed me up (in terms of getting the record)," he said. "I knew I had to have a big game against Massillon Perry and I know that I need to have a few more big games. As long as I have big games and we win, then I think I'll be able to get it."

    Once the season is over, Dunn is going to sit down and work on scheduling his official visits, he knows two that he is definitely going to take.

    "I'm going to work on (scheduling official visits) after the season," he said. "I'm visiting Ohio State and Michigan for sure."

    With a lot of questions out there as to whether or not he will ultimately stick with his commitment to Ohio State, Dunn was asked to classify his current status as a recruit.

    "I'm committed to Ohio State and I'm just keeping my options open to anything else that may come up," he said.

  4. So it looks like Dunn isn't really a silent commit and our chances of getting him look pretty slim.

    And the rest of our schedule doesnt seem as threatening now since Iowa lost to Minnesota, Illinois lost to Purdue, although I am worried about Ohio and Nebraska.

  5. I was watching some Devin Funchess video and it would not surprise me at all to see him on the field next year as redzone player. If he doe redshirt, I think he will be a GREAT TE! He reminds me of Junior Hemingway in that he doesn't have elite speed (probably around 4.7-4.8), but he has excellent ball skills and goes up and gets EVERYTHING! He is listed at 6'5 and 205 lbs.

    Also, Mario Ojemudia is getting robbed as only a 3-star by rivals. MaxPreps (Tom Lemming's and the CBSSports recruiting site) has Ojemudia in the Top 100 players in the country. He plays angry and plays the run and pass equally well.

    Along with Kalis, I think these two guys will be the biggest impact recruits in this class.

    At the end of four (or 5) years, who do you project as our highest impact recruits?

  6. I think Ondre Pipkins will be a monster in the middle who will clog up running lanes and open up others for sacks, as he will probably be routinely double-teamed. Depending on Will Campbell's progression, he may even see some solid playing time next year as a freshman.

  7. I think that Pipkins will step up and play well. I dont think Kalis will be very dominant his freshman year, if he plays much. If he starts I think he'll do well but wont have the effect that Pipkins will. We're deeper at Oline than D line which leads me to say Pipkins.

  8. I keep waiting and waiting for some good news on the recruiting front and nothing good is happening. I thought once Hoke showed recruits UM was back on the right track recruits would be throwing themself at UM but no. Whats going on?

    I am not getting the warm fuzzys from Payton and Banner. Althought I think UM has a better shot at Payton then Banner. I am hoping for a big finish at the end of the year. And I know recruiting is a long race but I am tired of waiting. Just give me one commit.LOL

    Give us who you think the final commits will be. No wish or dream list. Just the ones that will end up BLUE?

  9. Take a step back from the ledge my friend. If you look at all the top tier uncommitted recruits, none are in a rush to commit to any school, its not just UM. Its just that time of year when the top kids are going to take thier official visits and then decide. Relax, we are sitting at 23 commits we are due to wait some don't you think?

  10. Most NFL potential out of our recruits IMO is Strobel.
    Guys who could play as also as a freshman:Kalis, Pipkins, Ross, Wormley.

    We are not in great position for Banner, Oklahoma is his leader. But Payton still has us out front, either ahead or tied with ND. Shane Morris has been in his ear and he has had time to get over the Nd visit. I think he goes blue this week.

  11. All,
    I am just venting. I am good.

    And I love that S. Morris is recruiting for UM. He is doing a great job.

  12. Does anyone know when Payton's revised date for his announcement is? I know he postponed it, but did he put out a certain date or up in the air?

  13. I know this is totally off the wall here Benji, but I heard from a source that after the Payton balk, Michigan was instantly in contact with Stefon Diggs, and that Countess has been recruiting him hard. So hard in fact that he has scheduled a visit. Can you confirm?