Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Basketball recruiting?

I very, very rarely talk about Basketball recruiting on here, but recent news forces me into this special post. Even if you're not that keen on basketball, this still is still major news because it should in theory have a very positive impact on the University as a whole!

Mitch McGary, who is the number two overall prospect in the class of 2012, is meant to be announcing his college decision this Thursday, and he's down to just Michigan, Duke and Florida. Right now, everyone seems to be saying Michigan will be the choice.

If Michigan were to land him on Thursday, it would really mark a step forward in Michigan's basketball program, which has been good/not great over the last 3 years. Usually a guy like McGary would end up at the traditional powerhouses like Duke, UNC or Kentucky, so for Michigan to steal him on Thursday would be something special, keep your fingers crossed.


  1. This would be so huge. Hopefully if we get him, he'll stay for more than a year.

  2. this would be a huge pickup for the program. to have an actual big man playing would do wonders, even if he only plays one year.

    theirs only one problem; his brothers dream school is duke. i bet his brother talks him into going to duke. but i hope im wrong, an please say i am.

  3. I will say your wrong. His brothers dream school has nothing to do with where he is going.
    1. He went to high school with Zack Novak and looked up to him. Zack has been recruiting him hard for Michigan.
    2. One of his best friends Glenn Robinson JR is on Michigan's team.
    3. His parents are from Indiana a lot easier to watch all the games at Michigan than Duke.
    4. His head basketball coach said Michigan is the best place for him.
    5. He is a big guy that can shoot outside sounds like a perfect fit for Michigan's offense.
    6. Michigan has a brand new basketball arena and practice facilities.

  4. I really hope he commits. I really enjoy Michigan basketball as well. I would love to see Tim hardaway stay through next year and have mcgary and Timmy play together. Big ten championship anyone?

  5. Most college players leave early because of money... Hardaways dad played in the NBA, so he has plenty of money... I think that's one reason Belien recruits these guys (Glen Robinson). They will stay four years... We will see though. I see Mcgary committing to Michigan on Thursday.

  6. balla, im only telling you guys of what i know. your probably correct on all of those terms u conducted. i only said that his bro has a dream school of duke. for u to say that doesnt matter is ridiculous. i bet my life that his bro got into his ear and nagged about going to duke.

    u must be stupid because everyone on this blog wil tell u that having his bro bieng a duke fan will definitly enhance dukes program of getting him. a little chance.

    also, isnt duke one of his finalist, hmmmmmmm......

    go blue.

  7. theguru

    Just because "balla" doesn't believe his brother will influence his decision doesn't mean balla is stupid. We don't need that kind of talk on a blog where all we have are opinions.

    Back to the topic at hand...

    The two things I see being major factors for McGary are Academics and Playing time. As mentioned above, Beilein recruits a lot of players who are more inclined to stay in school. McGary has said he's huge on academics (if I remember correctly) so that bodes well for him staying in school, at least longer than the traditional "one and done". Both Duke and Florida are good academic institutions, and while Duke is an overall better academic/basketball program that Michigan, I think this is where playing time will matter. Duke is always stacked with talent, there is no guarantee that McGary will play more than 1 or two years at Duke, while at Michigan, he could easily play 3 if not 4 years. While I'm a big fan of Jordan Morgan, I don't think he can compete with McGary, at least not once McGary gets accustomed to college play. We have other tall guys, but no other real "big men" than Jordan Morgan, so McGary's playing time could be immediate.

    Also, as mentioned before, he has A LOT of connections to Michigan already. Close friends, his coaches pushing him towards Michigan, closeness to home will probably weigh in. Also, Michigan has the best athletic programs compared to Duke and Florida. Duke, basketball, thats about it right? Lacrosse maybe. Florida has basketball and football, but their football program is looking pretty shabby after the Meyer/Tebow combination left town. Michigan is on the rise in basketball, and football. We are awesome in hockey, lacrosse etc.

    All in all, I see McGary going blue, lets not forget the fun he had at the football game!

    Sorry for the long post!

  8. im sorry if i came out strong and said a few nasty remarks but for balla to reply on my comment and to say that im wrong, which im not, thats ridiculous. he started it.

    AT LALondtm

    its like me telling u that academics is not a huge factor in his recruitment. you'd be pretty pissed off too.

    with that being said, i have something funny to tell u. i heard that the Iowa's opposing teams locker room is pink. thats funny. i guess it has to do with something mentally. anyway, i look for a close game. 21-24.

    go blue baby...........

  9. Unrelated note... Shaq Thompsons high school coach said a Michigan visit is all but "set in stone"... More good news!

  10. I would not be pissed, but it doesn't matter. haha

  11. This is random but I don't think we have lost our shot with Banner. I personally would prefer Garnett, who is friends with Erik Magnuson. And as for Shaq, wow that could be a huge upgrade in the secondary but realistically I believe Yuri Wright is the more likely get and we need Corners more than Safties right now.

    Furthermore, I HOPE Mitch McGary goes Blue! What a get that will be for the program!

  12. Gotta love Michigan about to pull down top 3 recruits in both bball (McGary) and football (Morris). The basketball program and football program definitely feed off of each other.

    And to make things better, with Hoke and Beilein leading us to the top, we will soon own MSU in not only football, but basketball as well!!! Just give it a couple years. Gotta love it!!!

    Go Blue!!!

  13. I think the owning of MSU in basketball has already begone. MSU was supposed to be dominate last year, and we swept them. This year they got nothing (other than Green).

  14. This would be great for UM B-Ball.

    I read today that Jordan Payton maybe staying closer to home. We will have to wait and see on him. I have higher hopes for the other WR recruits.

    As for Shaq I will believe it when he signs his LOI.

  15. @ lalondtm

    Completely agree. I think the process for basketball started last year at the Breslin with the upset victory, and the process for football started as soon as Dave Brandon called up Hoke.

  16. At Guru, Iowa’s locker room was repainted pink in 2004 thanks for the update of information but your about 7 years late. P.S. did you not say in your comment someone tell me I am wrong lol. So someone tells you that you are wrong and you get mad and say he stared it like a little kid. If he picks duke he is going their because of coach K and the prestige Duke has not because his brother likes duke. How many basketball players have you ever heard pick a school because of who their brother likes?

  17. @balla4show

    My mom went to Michigan state. I go to Michigan, see how hard that was?

  18. I just don't understand why someone would be all worried and nervous because his brother likes Duke. His best friend likes Michigan and is going to be playing basketball at Michigan. Wouldn't that be more important than his brother liking Duke. His brother I am sure wants him to do whats best for him. Anyway would any of you go to the school your brother likes if you had a full ride to go anywhere you wanted in the country? I think you are going to go to the school you like.

  19. According to sam webb things are getting hot with stefon diggs and carvin johnson left the program.

  20. Oh yeah sam webb also said we are in stefon diggs top five thats pretty big news.

  21. First the cold. After setting an announcement date for last Tuesday, Westlake Village (CA) Oaks Christian wideout Jordan Payton changed his mind in the aftermath his visit to South Bend and said he would instead take a little more time to evaluate his choice. Two weeks from that date was his new decision timeline. He also indicated that the Irish and the Wolverines were tied at the top of his list. The word we get from out west now is that the bigger threat to Michigan’s hopes of landing him is proximity. We’re hearing now that there is a definite possibility of more visits. One school that we hear some in his circle are pushing is Cal. Distance appears to be a major sticking point for his family. That doesn’t mean that Michigan won’t get him or that the Wolverines are no longer the favorite. It just means that things are a little cooler there than they were a few weeks ago. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

    On the warmer front comes news from Good Counsel High in Olney Maryland. Five-star wideout Stefon Diggs told GBW’s Gene Hankerson a few weeks ago that he wanted to put Michigan in his top five but that he wasn’t going to because “they don’t like me like that.” Well folks… times they are a changing.’ One of Diggs coaches who also serves as a mentor/advisor informed me today that Michigan has indeed cracked the youngster’s top five. Why the sudden change you ask? Well it appears that Diggs has made some serious headway in the classroom. This recruitment has gone from there being no chance the talented youngster winds up at Michigan, to the Maize & Blue actually having a decent shot. We’ll have MUCH more in the coming days.

    Stay tuned…

    Follow me on twitter @SamWebb77

    From scout.com

  22. carvin Johnson has left the program. the second year player left but i have no clue why. if anyone can tell me, that would be awesome. i think thats why shaq thomson is setting an official visit. or he just likes this school.

  23. According to espn Yuri Wright, and Shaq Thompson are visiting for the OSU game. Which alot of analysts have recently been pointing to as a game that could help decide the winner in both the legends and leaders division. Imagine how great a recruiting environment that could be, to have some of the top recruits in the nation at the Big House and UM finally beats OSU and propels ourselves into the Championship Game. Plus how great would it be to have stefon diggs at that game? I can't imagine ending the class with Wright, Thompson, Diggs, and Banner or Garnett. Speaking of which, are we still after Diamond or has that ship sailed?

    According to touch the banner:
    Sophomore safety Carvin Johnson has left the team. Since he played eight games in 2011, he will likely have to sit out the 2012 season due to NCAA transfer rules. However, his destination is currently unknown.

    Johnson started three games at outside linebacker as a freshman in 2010, making 18 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and 1 pass breakup. It looked as if Johnson would be in line for significant playing time once again in 2011, but he was passed up by redshirt sophomore Thomas Gordon, among others. While Johnson played in eight games this season, he was used sparingly and had only 14 tackles and 1 pass breakup to his name.

    When he was recruited by Rich Rodriguez, Johnson held offers from Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Tulane, Tulsa, and Utah. LSU also reportedly made a run at him late in the recruiting process. Most transfers seem to end up closer to home, so places such as Louisiana Tech or Tulane might be likely destinations for the native of Metairie, LA.

    Johnson is the eleventh member of the 27-person class of 2010 to exit from the program.

  24. Per Erik Magnuson, Payton commits to Michigan... It's said it could be a joke...

  25. Ok Jaylee714 forgive me here...
    I dont think im reading this right... elaborate sir. Good or bad?

  26. He committed to Blue :) http://espn.go.com/college-sports/recruiting/story/_/id/7186833/no-2-ranked-prep-prospect-mitch-mcgary-commits-michigan

  27. is it really basketball recruiting???? if that is the case I will tell some of my friends who are sports bookmakers to apply and who knows, maybe one is picked up :D