Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Commit #24: RB Drake Johnson

In state (or even in city) RB Drake Johnson has committed to the Wolverines today, shortly after receiving his offer from the coaching staff. I actually have a lecture to go to, so a commitment post will have to follow later tonight.

Just quickly, this all but certainly means Michigan is out of it with Brionte Dunn, as I doubt they would want to take two RBs with only a few spaces left in the class.

Secondly, Drake is having an extremely productive season and has earned his offer, in fact it was probably only a matter of time given his stats; more on them later!


  1. This kid will definitely be one of the guys that the recruiting services missed out on!

    Ann Arbor Pioneer @ Warren De La Salle
    33 171 5.2 2
    Ann Arbor Pioneer @ Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice
    24 127 5.3 1
    Ypsilanti @ Ann Arbor Pioneer
    23 137 6.0 2
    Saline @ Ann Arbor Pioneer
    32 172 5.4 3
    Ann Arbor Pioneer @ Ann Arbor Skyline
    30 394 13.1 6
    Ann Arbor Pioneer @ Temperance Bedford
    22 395 18.0 5
    Ann Arbor Pioneer @ Monroe
    41 254 6.2 4
    Ann Arbor Huron @ Ann Arbor Pioneer
    23 256 11.1 3
    Livonia Franklin @ Ann Arbor Pioneer
    30 275 9.2 3
    2011 Division 1 State Tournament - Round 1
    33 228 6.9 4
    2011 Division 1 State Tournament - Round 2
    36 348 9.7 4

    Totals: 327atts 2757 yards 8.4avg 37 TD

    This kid could be special. He busted out a 95 yarder in the 4th quarter of the last playoff game that sealed the win for Pioneer. He may not show up with all of the hype or the "stars" of higher-profile prospects, but this kid looks like a gamer. Go Blue!

  2. @Benji,
    I've seen several people quoting Sam Webb that this does not end the recruitment for done. However I agree with you that this would certainly complicate things...Drake is being recruited as a RB, but that doesn't mean he won't redshirt or change positions. I think if Dunn still intends on enrolling early we would fit him in.

  3. I think with Sophomores Toussaint, and Hopkins, Freshmen Rawls, and Hayes, 2012 commits Houma, and Drake,(maybe) 2013 commit Dymonte Thomas, and our other 2013 targets in line that Dunn is now in our rear view mirror.

  4. Local running back Drake Johnson of Ann Arbor (Mich.) Pioneer, has committed to Michigan, after picking up an offer from the Wolverines coaching staff on Tuesday morning.

    This fall, Johnson has rushed for 2,757 yards and 37 touchdowns, as his team heads into the third round of the state playoffs.

    "It was somewhere I always wanted to go." "It's always been my dream school growing up in Ann Arbor and having a chance to play for them.

    "Ive always been a Michigan fan, and my mom is the Michigan cheerleading coach. I've always been on the field, and I've been going to games since I was little, and I've always dreamed of going there and making a difference, and hopefully I get a chance to do that."

    So far this fall, Johnson has rushed for 2,757 yards and 37 touchdowns in leading his team to this weekend's third round of the state playoffs. He spoke with Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson about his scholarship offer.

    "I've known him for a long time, and he's almost like another coach for me, even though I don't go there," Johnson began. "He's always been the person that instructs me me on how to run and what I should do. We have a great offensive coordinator here but I don't have a running backs coach, so I always call him."

    This conversation will be the one Johnson always remembers the most.

    "He called me this morning and said, 'what would you do if I offered this morning?'. I said I'd accept it of course. He said, 'well I'm calling you to offer you a scholarship to Michigan, and I was like what! It was crazy."

  5. Michigan just grabbed its 24th commitment for the 2012 class with running back Drake Johnson (Ann Arbor, Mich./Pioneer). The Johnson commitment means the coaching staff now has a fullback type committed in Sione Houma (Salt Lake City/Highland) and a speed back in Johnson.

    The commitment also means there are only around three to four spots available for the rest of the class. That begs the question: What happens with the Wolverines' pursuit of Ohio State commitment Bri'onte Dunn (Canton, Ohio/Glenoak)?

    Dunn has decided not to enroll early to the school of his choice, a switch from his longtime stance. That gives him more time to wait and see what happens with Ohio State and the NCAA sanctions. Since he will be waiting to make a decision it also gives him more time to check out other programs, including Michigan.

  6. Just watched film on Drake Johnson. Heres what I seen.
    Good size but will need to add 20 lbs.
    Catches the ball well out of the backfield.
    Nice speed. You can tell he ran track on his long runs.
    Nice stiff arm. A lost art in football.

    Size just needs to add some weight as said earlier.
    Would of like to see more yards after contact.
    Not alot of between the tackle running. Take offence may not run between the tackles alot and thats fine.

    Overall I am happy with the pick-up. So welcome to UM Drake Johnson.

    Bad news for Joe Pa. Rumor is Penn St. is planning his exit. Not the way you want to go out. I have heard Urban Meyer maybe up for that job.

  7. Wow, I've never heard anything about this kid on any recruiting site. Cool. Hopefully he was a sleeper.

  8. Lal,
    He received a call this mornig from Fred Jackson with a offer and committed on the spot.

  9. @Everyone....the reason why he doesn't have a very impressive offer sheet is that he went to few to no camps during the period when most recruits are doing this sort of stuff because of track-related commitments. There are several videos out there...I saw one from mostly his junior year I think and he actually did a decent amount of running between the tackles and his yards after contact was pretty good. I've seen on other sites that he was gaining interest from Iowa and Wisconsin and I think Michigan offered him when they could to prevent a competition for him. We all know what Wisconsin does with sleeper RB prospects and for that matter Iowa as well. I think this is a good pickup and I'm sure it makes Michigan's track coach extra happy as well.

  10. We need a guy like Bri'onte though. These little tiny backs like Toussaint & Co. aren't going to cut it in the Big Ten. It would be nice to land a running back that can break a tackle and run someone over. That's Michigan football. Just my two cents.

  11. Here's the thing...we have Rawls who isn't tiny, Drake can redshirt and beef up carefully...the coaches will do it in a way that he'll keep speed...even if he doesn't redshirt we can put that speed of his to use for returning punts and kickoffs and he'll contribute immediately. We will also have Hayes coming off of a redshirt with a year into the weight program. He's not tiny now actually...the Wisconsin website has Ball and White listed at 5'11 210 lbs and 5'10 195 lbs respectively...I think they do pretty well. BTW Mike Hart practically needed a booster seat and I think his Big Ten career was pretty decent.

  12. Mike Hart was not a great back because of his size it was his heart. All heart. He played twice his size every game.

  13. clearly...too bad he never got a good shot in the pros

  14. If Drake Johnson's speed is as good as advertised, then I feel like he'd fit in nicely as a returner/Percy Harvin-type WR/RB.

    With roughly four spots left, I'm hoping for the following: Dunn, Wright, Payton, and Diggs. I think Garnett is a bit of a stretch, as well as, Shaq Thompson. But with the stud targets we have left on the board, any combination of four would make me happy.

    Then again, you never know...

  15. oh what a coincidence, I was commenting on a previous post about Drake Johnson too and now I find myself on this post about him as well, I will share it with my friend who is sports bookmaker and he has not read this article yet ;)