Monday, 14 November 2011

Payton decision almost here?

According to his Twitter feed, Jordan Payton has almost arrived at his college decision. He was originally scheduled to announce it a couple weeks back, but delayed it after visiting Notre Dame for their game against USC.

As far as I know, he hasn't taken anymore visits since then, which means Michigan is still the favorite in my book. If he chooses a Midwest school, chances are it will be Michigan, but if he decides to visit a California school in the next few days, like UCLA, Cal or even USC (where he was originally committed remember!), then we could be in trouble.

While we're on the subject of WRs, Michigan is seemingly back in the hunt for WR Stefon Diggs after Michigan reestablished contact with him. I'll be doing a fairly big post on him that goes over his entire recruitment and who the leaders are right now + Michigan's chances.

Also for the record, one of our other WR targets, Amara Darboh, will be visiting Notre Dame this weekend.


  1. Bad news looks like backup safety Marvin Robinson has bees arrested for home invasion.

    And second take this for what its worth but Ace William is reporting that DG will get the start this week because DR needs rest and healing time for the OSU game.

  2. Detnews is reporting that DR is fine and ready to play. So I am not sure whats going on. Never know when to believe Ace Williams?

  3. I'm not real sure how much I want Payton now. With Diggs back in the mix, and I think Michigan leads for,I think I want Darhbo and Diggs.

  4. I actually like our chances with Diggs after recent news I've heard. He has stated in the past that he thinks Michigan has been missing that "#1" WR, and he thinks he could fill that void. He also was/is teammates and close friends with Blake Countess. Originally he said (not exact quote)"I knew blake was one of the best players on their team, and it threw me off that he wasn't getting playing time, but once I realized the coaches let him earn his starting spot, I got really excited because I know I can earn my way into a starting spot right away".

    All these things, including his new attitude towards academics (his grades are up, thats why Michigan is looking at him again) make me very excited at our chances for him.

  5. Diggs is obviously the #1 guy on our wish list. Jordan Payton is a better player than Darboh. Period. Darboh has been injured this year, but Payton plays in a great league in California and Darboh plays NOBODY and still doesn't put up great numbers. He has the measurables, but not anywhere near the production of Payton. For comparison's sake, I would say Darboh is to Darryl Stonum and Payton to Marquise Walker. Darboh has the potential to be explosive, but he is VERY raw, while Payton appears to be less "exciting" but much more ready to play and will be a solid contributor sooner.

    Diggs, Wright & Dunn are all I want for Christmas. The fourth can be anybody else that wants to jump on board.

  6. @lalondtm thats the first I had heard about Diggs saying that,thats awesome! I'm not knocking Payton at all but I would just like to have another burner at wideout like Darboh more so than Payton. Don't get me wrong I'll be happy with either guy.

  7. I just want two more wins to go 10-2 and i wouldnt be surprised if names we've never talked about start looking at michigan... Kids arent dumb and see what big things michigan is heading towards. I think if we win out there could be a BIG time sleeper out there! Dreaming i know but 10-2 looks good for kids

  8. If we get a visit out of Shaq Thompson, do you think we have a realistic shot? Man, how good would it be to have him patrolling the airways back at safety? Taylor Mays all over again.

    My last four wish list is Diggs, Dunn, Wright, and one out of Thompson/Garnett/Payton - I also think that if Tommy Schutt decommits from PSU, we should consider going after him. Last thing I want to see is him going to Sparty.

    Of course, Bri'onte Dunn is #1 on my wish list.

  9. Speaking of WR's. I've always said Hemingway is our big play guy, and thats proven to be true. However. With the new scheme in place, and a year to perfect it before next season, I'm think Stonum is THE MAN next year. He's got great physical traits for this scheme. 6'2, 195 lbs, 4.4 speed and great vision. He wasn't the best WR for spread play, he's not quite "quick" enough or small enough to dart around the center of the field under the LB's like most the WR's RR brought in.

    Plus there's this...

    Redshirt Darryl Stonum, meanwhile, continues to impress on the scout team.

    "I like him," Hoke said with a big smile. "I like Stonum."

    If Robinson/Gardner (not going to debate it) can master the system and continue the Borges QB effect (awful first year, awesome 2nd year), look for Stonum to have a huge year.

  10. Espn has changed our officials for the next few games. It is still Garnett for the Nebraska game. However Thompson is no longer listed for the OSU game and now Chesson, Darboh, and Wright are listed. I have also heard some rumors about a possible visit from Diggs. Does anyone know when this could be? Is there a maximum number of official visits for one game? Say chesson, and Darboh both commit at the OSU game. Does that mean our chances with Diggs is over eventhough his visit may not be till December?

    Also someone posted this earlier but for those who havent read it, it sure seems like we got a great shot at Diggs. In the one comment he talks about how Countess is a role model for him and Countess's word is bond to Diggs. Definately a must read.

  11. For those that don't feel like reading the whole article this is the best part of it.

    'Michigan material'
    That begs an obvious question: What is "Michigan material" in the eyes of Stefon Diggs?
    "Blake Countess," he responded matter-of-factly. "Blake Countess is a great role model to me, doing all the right things at all the right times. He showed me that you always have to be accountable and responsible for your actions. It's growing up. I've matured over my four years at Good Counsel. I feel like I'm still in that process. I'm not perfect. I still make mistakes, but I'm still grinding. I want the best of myself and I think Michigan could bring it out of me."
    Countess hasn't been shy in conveying that message to his former teammate. The freshman cornerback's advocacy has been instrumental in establishing Michigan as one of the favorites for Diggs' services.
    "Blake is my close friend and his word is bond," said Diggs. "I take what he says (absolutely). He would never lead me in the wrong direction. When he says it, I take it to heart. I truly believe him. He speaks highly of Michigan. I respect Michigan a lot. They showed a spark in interest lately. I just look forward to opening the line of communication more and setting up a visit."
    If the Wolverines eventually parlay that visit into a commitment, Diggs would very likely wind up as the highest-rated prospect in their recruiting class. Widely regarded as one of the most electrifying players in the country, this multi-positional star is a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball.

  12. The Stonum comment I think is dead on. I think he has a great year next season. I really hope we can get Dunn and redshirt him because I think Fitz is coming into his own.

    Now the real question,who out of the freshmen do you see getting some playing time? I think both WR we get will along with Pipkens and another d-line man.Maybe Wormley.

  13. Brown if he does switch to TE. Pipkins for sure. Any WR UM gets. Maybe a Lb or two and a S or two. Pretty much anybody on D.

  14. I think Kalis will contribute right away along with possibly Pipkins and Wormley...any WR recruit we get will contribute very early as well especially if it's Diggs.

  15. We are losing Mike Martin and RVB. Big Will is going to take a starting role, so Pipkins will be fighting for some playing time. Given our depth/talent at DT, he might get it.

    Our O line isn't so deep either. Molk is gone, my money is on Khoury to take over for center. Huyge is also gone so that leaves us with Barnum, Lewan, Schofield, Mealer and Omameh (probably missing some) as our O lineman with playing experience. Barnum Lewan and Omameh are good players, so I could see Kalis and Magnuson pushing for playing time, or at least occupying the 2 deep for rotation.

    I think we could see some good battles at LB also. Demens is our best LB, and he'll still be here. Herron, JB Fitz, Marrell Evans are all seniors who contribute. However Jake Ryan is looking very good as a freshy, and we've yet to see how Cam Gordon responds to the LB position. Desmond Morgan has gotten some playing time as a freshman also. Freshman Antonio Poole also looks promising, but (to my knowledge) has yet to play. Since we are bringing in one of the best LB hauls in Michigan history, I wouldn't be surprised to see RJS and James Ross get some playing time.

    DB's, actually, I think CB and Safety is going to stay where its at. Kovacs and Robinson seem to have things on lock in the deep (maybe jarrod wilson, but I doubt it) and Countess/Floyd/Avery have CB locked up. If Terry Richardson comes to pre-season and dominates, he could see some playing time I suppose.

    Our incoming WR's (whoever they are) probably will get playing time. I honestly don't think RB will change at all, that position has plenty of depth at this point.

    Sorry for the long post

  16. The oline may see some playing time,atleast in the 2 deep. LB may be harder then we first thought for someone to come in and play. I hope all the LB's coming in redshirt.

  17. TomVh interviews Diggs in this article but need an insider account to read:

    Also a live chat with TomVh thats pretty interesting to read"

  18. Hoping we see more of Desmond Morgan, Jake Ryan, and Thomas Gordon in these last two home games. We used a good bit of the nickle package also with the spread offense we faced but I think those 3, Kovacs, and Countess/Floyd did a great job of getting off of their blocks, making open field tackles, and containing a mobile qb trying to turn the corner. We're about to face that again back-to-back so stick with what works. Yeah we've also got 6 scholarship Olinemen returning (plus Jack Miller the C in waiting) so we'll need a few freshman linemen to not redshirt next year (rare but not unheard of) if we want to avoid walk ons in the 2 deep rotation.

  19. Random but when is the number 1 going to be given to a reciever again? Any thoughts on who or if anyone wear return that tradition! And i know its a long shot and was mentioned awhile ago but any new news about keith marshall rb from north carolina?

  20. @Hail
    As soon as we get someone who deserves it.

  21. I would really like that Payton could make a final decision quicker and that way some bookmakers online that I know would be less stressful haha