Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where are they now: Jake Fisher

Name: Jake Fisher

Position: OT

Recruitment: Jake Fisher came on the scene as a raw but highly talented in state offensive lineman, who was quickly snapped up by Rich Rod before his senior season. However, after Rodriguez was let go by Michigan, Fisher decommitted and started to look at other programs. Despite strong effort from the Michigan coaching staff to hold onto him, Fisher found a new home in Eugene, Oregon.

Oregon: There are not many stats I can give you for an offensive lineman, so I posed the question to an expert: Charles Fischer of, more on him later. The review:

"We have been surprised through the whole process with Jake Fisher. First we didn't know a thing about him when he decommitted, but Coach Kelly did and apparently others knew of his abilities considering the big-time offer list. He was a Rivals three star--so most of yawn, and say, "well that's nice," but it's not a huge thing one way or another.

Yet later when Jake committed to Oregon--Coach Kelly stated that Jake was one of the best Offensive Linemen in nation, or "he didn't know what he was doing." That set many of us back because his ability to analyze talent has almost become legendary in Eugene. He offered a small town QB from Texas a schollie on the second day of camp....and he hadn't done much in his HS career yet going into his senior year. He was later selected as Rivals National HS Player of the Year. He offered another QB on the second day of camp...and this guy hadn't even started for his HS team yet! Marcus Mariotta went on to be MVP of the Hawaiian All-Star Game and holds one of the most impressive videos of a HS QB yet. So Chip's comments got tons of attention toward Jake.

As a true freshman he has passed tons of upperclassmen on the Offensive line to be not only on the second team, but one of the top three players who come in as relief. As a freshman? And he has done well. Even when he gets beat he was smart enough to drive the defender BACKWARDS and the RB cut around him. This is stuff that OLinemen don't get about Zone Blocking until the light goes on mid-sophmore year. Jake's got it now, and we are pleased.

Oregon recruited a group of highly ranked OLinemen last year...and they all redshirted but Jake. All them got the pub...but Jake has the PT already. Oregon needs to improve the beef on the Offensive Line and we feel that last year's group of seven will be the line that beats some SEC teams in a few years. Jake is going to head that group.

Count us as lucky to have him and myself as grateful for him and Chip's ability to analyze and recruit."

What could have been: That's definitely high praise! To earn significant playing time as a freshman on the offensive line is certainly a big deal. One has to question whether he could do it at Michigan, where the Wolverines are trying to build a massive offensive line; i.e he would have needed to bulk up more for Michigan than the spread of Oregon.
Still, with Michigan's depth on the offensive line, Fisher was one of our key recruits in the 2011 class and looking back it's really disappointing that we missed out on him. Having him and Taylor Lewan as our tackles down the road would be pretty cool.

Extra: The review on Jake Fisher came from Oregon football Analyst Charles Fischer, who runs one of the top new football websites on the net: His video analysis of the Oregon spread offense is really, really good and I'd recommend it to anyone who is keen on learning about the spread, or anyone who is trying to get better at NCAA12!



  1. And yet, I get amazed by how many people (on this blog, too) call Rodriguez a bad recruiter. Bad coach for Michigan, yes. Bad recruiter, no.

    We could really use a guy like Fisher at RT or LG this season. However, our line has played well all year.

  2. just announced paterno will retire at the end of the season. unfortunate that his legacy will be overshadowed by the the horrible things that Sandusky did.
    On a side note i pray Sandusky gets what he deserves in prison ten fold.

  3. Does anyone with a scout membership want to shed some light about Shaq Thompson and Stefon Diggs.

  4. tomvh just tweeted joe pa has been fired

  5. No offense, but why put in the effort to research players that chose to play for someone other than Michigan? I'm interested in past, current, and future Wolverines. Don't mean to be a downer, just giving my opinion.

  6. No offense, but if you don't want to read about it, then don't. Just because it is on the page doesn't mean you have to read it.

  7. I come to this site because I like the information and reading what other Michigan fans think. I read every entry that is placed on the page. That doesn't mean I like every entry. Maybe you shouldn't get so worked up over someone else's opinion. The web site is mgorecruit, not oregonrecruit or clemsonrecruit. I'm sure you'll privilege me with your response.

  8. Maybe you should start your own site, that way you can control the content and post whatever you like. I find it odd to question somebody about what they decide to post on their own web site. If Benji wants to "put in the effort" and do the research then who are you to question him? Great job Benji, keep up the good work. Consider yourself privileged.

  9. you know sometimes I do ask myself that exact same question, where are they now? and then my sports bookmaker friend tells me that he has told me the answer, but I never listen to him