Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recruiting Summary

So there were lots of top recruits on hand for the game yesterday, let's run through some of their reactions:

- Brionte Dunn clearly had a good time, "Dunn's 2nd UM experience better than the 1st" is a heading on's front page. ($ article)

- Scout also has a story on Jordan Diamond entitled "Michigan moves up with Diamond". Again, this is a $ article, so we can't get the full reaction, but the title really says a lot!

- Josh Garnett also had a great visit, capped off by this photo he got with former Michigan Wolverine and #1 NFL draft pick, Jake Long. Academics will be important for Garnett, and recruits usually rave about the academic tours at Michigan, but there is a long way to go in Garnett's recruitment, probably go close to signing day.

- 2013 CB Shaquille Wiggins (Atlanta, GA) said on twitter that he was close to committing. This might just be a young kid getting caught up in the moment, but still this is a very good sign this early in the process. 247 Sports has him as a four star prospect already, and also has Michigan as his leader now.

- 2013 WR LaQuon Treadwell was another prospect who was probably close to committing, ESPN recruiting expert TomVH said on twitter than Treadwell wants his mom to see Michigan 'immediately', which is a very encouraging sign. As I said last week, Treadwell is a good bet to be the 3rd commit in the 2013 class.

- Also, just a quick note to mention that Cass Tech smashed Catholic Central 49-13 in the Div 1 State final yesterday. Cass Tech is loaded with talent this year, including Michigan commits RJS and Terry Richardson. Catholic Central also has a UM commit, Matt Godin. Game summary here.


  1. Benji,
    Can we expect any commits on Monday. Or will we have to wait til signing day?

  2. Not Monday, but Amara Darboh will probably decide in the next one/two weeks. He should be the first decision of interest.

  3. Have a scout account...
    1. Brionte Dunn sounded excited, but also was quick to say he wanted to visit other schools and meet other coaches. He said it was more exciting than Nebraska, but that also bodes well for OSU, i'd think. He said no matter which of the two he chooses, he is excited to be a part of this rivalry. I don't have him at the top of my wish list, due to Fitz coming on strong (Sophomore eligibility) and the two freshman we have already. He is very highly rated on scouts, but other sites, just an above average talent. Stealing him from OSU would be great though. I just don't think that RB is our highest need.
    2. Diamond said he won't commit until signing day, but that Michigan moved up his list. Last time he saw a game was 2010 game against UMASS, terrible showing, no wonder we moved up. I think it comes down to us and ND as both are very close to home.
    3. Josh Garnett is a complete stud on all recruiting sites. Distance could be a big problem, but it did note that academics is very high for him. I feel like all recruits say this. Garnett or Diamond is important, I saw our depth chart, EMPTY after this year and next. RR didn't recruit linemen for like 2 straight years, while trying to stockpile speed.
    4. We need another lineman in this class! It also helps with next years RB class. This lineman class will rival any wisconsin group, if we can snag either one of the two aforementioned recruits. I know recruiting isn't a science, but that many high quality recruits, some have to pan out.
    5. Wish Yuri Wright was able to come! He is still on the top of my wish list, as our secondary was exposed.
    6. D-Line is going to be thin, unless we move a LB or two to DE and a DE to DT. Any of the 2012 DE that have to move to DT won't be ready for 2 years though. I'm sure Hoke and Mattison have a plan, as they both love D-Linemen.

    Would LOVE to hear peoples wishlist for their top 4 left on the board for 2012, as well as predictions of a record against that 2013 schedule! BRUTAL.

    Also, hope for an Oklahoma loss.... They are the only team on the cusp that could be chosen over Michigan for that final BCS slot.

  4. Mancave...there are actually a lot of scenarios that would work for us to get into the BCS. We'll move up one spot with a Wisconsin/MSU loss, which are both projected ahead of us into the BCS. Georgia losing to LSU is probably our best bet since they are a couple of spots ahead of us. All we need to do is be in the top 14 and then it's decision time for the BCS. Michigan football travels very well and with no one expecting this type of success as well as a fan base that is starved for a BCS makes us a very attractive pick as opposed to some other schools. Don't forget that the SEC can max place 3 teams if LSU and Alabama still end up 1-2 in the final BCS rankings. We just for sure need to have LSU take care of business like they have all season and hopefully Clemson keeps stinking it up like they have the last few weeks because they are a team outside of the top 14 that could be an automatic bid for being conference champ. Virginia Tech would not drop below us with a loss. We just have to keep waiting to see what will happen.

  5. Currently we are at #15, sandwiched between MSU (#14) and Wiscy (#16). Computers hate Wiscy, but we may be jumped as early as this week. A Wisconsin win over MSU doesn't change our position as of right now, MSU will drop, Wisconsin will jump.
    Georiga should lose, hoping for an Oklahoma loss (them winning could be a real issue. OK State and Oklahoma in the top ten could look awfully good for two bids). Definitely need a VT win over Clemson, so Clemson doesn't steal automatic birth. Given VT lack of quality wins, I think Michigan would get the nod over them anways.

    I hadn't heard of SEC getting 3 teams in possibly? Where did you hear this? I think Michigan sneak into the top 14 at spot 13 or 14. Not playing Wiscy and PSU hurt, especially since OSU lost to PSU. Should be ok, obviously want a BCS bowl, but definitely want a big BCS bowl against Houston over a Capital One bowl against Arkansas!
    A BCS win would mean a top 5 ranking heading into next years epic showdown against Alabama

  6. Per
    No more than two teams from a conference may be selected, regardless of whether they are automatic qualifiers or at-large selections, unless two non-champions from the same conference are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the final BCS Standings.

    So as long as LSU is the conference champ we are good. If LSU loses and Alabama and LSU stay #1 and #2 then they could have three. Although, I think that is highly unlikely to happen

  7. So we have no worries then. LSU will win so I am not worried plus by LSU winning #13 Georgia will move behind us and we Will move from 15 to 14. We might even move up more but all we need is 14 and we will get that with a loss from Georgia. Michigan will be the first at large team picked. Michigan follows well and will have the highest t.v. ratings of the at large teams with Brady Hoke and the new Michigan football team. Not to mention Michigan has the most exciting player in college football with Denard Robinson.

  8. The remaining 2012 recruiting is draaaaaaaaging out. I don't want to wait 3 months, but I guess I'll have to if the top recruits wait until signing day. We could have 5 2013 kids signed before our last 5 2012 kids. Sheesh

  9. ps we'll absolutely get a BCS bowl. Georgia will lose, Sparty will lose, Virginia Tech will lose to a 3 loss Clemson (again), Oklahoma will probably lose the shootout with Okie State and their 40 year old qb (kidding), USC wont be in the BCS poll, and KState could drop a game to Iowa State next. We'll jump anywhere from 3 to 6 spots next week.

  10. Clemson beating Virginia Tech would be a bad thing for us because Clemson would get a BCS bid and V Tech might take a spot from Michigan So we want Virginia Tech to win but doesn't matter like I said LSU is going to beat Georgia that's all we need.

  11. I dont think we can beat an SEC school or Stanford yet but anyone else i think we could beat if we match up in bowl game!

  12. Not that I wish to argue, but I just want to crow about Michigan a bit. We could beat just about every SEC school right now (just not the 2 BCS schools and maybe Arkansas) Georgia's only lucky to be in the Championship game because they didn't play the best 3, they'd be 7-5 right now if the schedule was different. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida stayed in the game with them every time, and South Carolina and Boise did beat them. We could beat Florida (turnover capital of America), Georgia (slight advantage us in all areas), South Carolina (rush offense reliant/ only played Arkansas), Auburn (lol), and the rest. Arkansas would be tough but they have absolutely no running game, and no defense. Troy, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss all put up 4 scores against them and A&M tagged them for 38. Drob & Fitz would light them up. It'd be a shootout but our front 4 qould get to the qb more than theirs would. They'd have to rely on our deep coverage breaking down and long bombs to the end zone to get anywhere. None of the other teams have a quarterback except maybe Georgia (47th overall in passing), and after facing that against Ohio that's something the coaches would absolutely try to correct. I'm so in love with our team right now. :)

  13. Hoke and the staff and team 132 have done a GREAT job this year. Who would have predicted a recruiting class like this? 10-2 record? BCS game? This year has exceeded almost every expectation. Best of all is Saturday's huge win.

    I think we close out with 1) Diamond or Garnett, 2) Darboh, 3) Wright, 4) Payton or Madaris, and 5) best available between Diggs, Dunn, and a TE. Given what has happened this year so far, this seems pretty realistic.

  14. Michigan sits at 16 in the new BCS Standings, this means that we need to jump 2 spots. One of these spots is guaranteed with one of Wisconsin and MSU automatically losing, so this means that the only thing we absolutely NEED to happen would be that LSU takes care of business and beats Georgia. Go Tigers!!!

    Looking more and more likely by the day that it will be the Houston Cougars vs your very own Meeeeeeeechigan Wolverines in the Sugar Bowl!!! Who would have guessed at the beginning of the year? I think the majority of us would have been content with an 8-4 season at the beginning. Great job by Hoke, Borges, and especially Mattison.

  15. Hey all,
    I thought I'd pass this along. Word around the blog-o-sphere is that 4-star WR recruit Kenny Lawler is now showing some interest in U of M. He has been a commit to Arizona State, albeit he has been a SOFT commit. Most likely the rocky footing that Dennis Erickson has as coach of the team may be swaying his interest. He's 6'3.5" and 190 lbs according to the video that features half season highlights from his senior year.

    Here is his half senior video highlights:

  16. Sione Huoma is going to be a beast at Michigan. I think he is really underrated.

  17. Its official like we all predictied. Meyer is the new ohio coach. I say bring it. Them thinking he is their "savior" will only make it more sweet when we beat them.

  18. Urban Meyer... bring it!!!! Can't wait to see how well he does with Mattison recruiting against him rather than for him

  19. Michigan beat urban & tebow in the capital bowl. Urban is such a cry baby, he will soon realize Hoke is his new daddy that owns him!

  20. Just saw an article on Rivals about Brionte Dunn. He said he is still committed to osu, but doesn't want to play in a spread offense. So, good news for UM here.

  21. posted on twitter by Josh Garnett.......Back in washington already missin @erikmagnuson77 # :/" --- I miss you to bro friend! Let's go back to ann arbor!
    Hope tat this is good news 4 mich!

  22. twitter is blow'n up w/ erik magnuson&Josh Garnett tidbits,fyi/go blue!

  23. Rivals has Kalis as a 5* now fyi!

  24. To follow cbus, here is the take on Kalis from the recruiting analysts at Rivals:

    "In 10 years of covering recruiting, Kalis is one of the most college-ready offensive linemen I have seen. Physically he appears able to step on a college field right now, and his technique is advanced beyond his years," said Midwest Recruiting Analyst Josh Helmholdt. "The other thing that sets Kalis apart is that he is a very versatile lineman. He can play right or left tackle but also bump down to guard if his college team needs him there."

    Farrell, who also saw the 6-foot-5, 302-pounder in person against one of the nation's top teams in Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco, agrees.

    "The thing that originally held Kalis back was that he played right tackle and looked like he was limited to right tackle at the next level," said Farrell. "But after seeing how he moves his feet, how athletic he is for a massive tackle and how technically sound he is in pass protection, he was a guy we had to give that fifth star to. It's easy for massive guys to run block against smaller prospects, but pass protection is key and he is very good at it against quick players."

    Pretty high praise!

  25. Urban made it a big point in his press conference to say his spread offense includes power I formations, and that he is making recruiting calls tonight. They want to keep Brionte Dunn because he's a great player, but also because a flip would be loss #1 for Urban and a huge blow to expectations.

    Btw, Dunn changed his twitter pic to a picture of him taken at Michigan Stadium, from the prior pic of him wearing a buckeyes jersey at Ohio stadium.

  26. 737 days and counting since THEosu has beaten Michigan.

  27. I believe he is referring to the vacated win last year

  28. Breaking News Urban Meyers take the OSU job.
    More Breaking News We don't care!!!
    All kidding aside I have no problem with his hire. And its nice to see he is starting his new job off by lying. OSU said they did not offer him the job til Sunday morning. How stupid do they think we are?

    I watched ESPN this morning and Robert Smith come on saying how much he loves the hire. They ask him about recruiting and this is what he said. Right know UM has 23 commits and 9 of them are from Ohio well that stops now he said. If he believe that UM will not be able to recruit in Ohio he has another thing coming. Hoke and company will contuine recruit Ohio and recruit it well. And if Meyer thinks he will get the top talent from Florida he is wrong. I live in Florida and kids are not to happy with what he did to Florida kids.

    Rumors are flying about top recruit wanting to visit. Can you clear some of it up like who and when?

  29. Who can enlightenus on what the ESPN article about Meyer stealing Wolverine recruits says? I saw comments about RJS and Ross but don't know what context they are used with in the article.

  30. I believe the top recruit wanting to visit is #2 Rivals rated TE Taylor McNamara. Garnett has been in contact with him.

    I also really like the relationship Garnett and Magnuson have been building.

  31. The title of that article is misleading. None of those recruits are leaving.

    "Offensive lineman Kyle Kalis (Cleveland/St. Edward) agrees. "I don't think it will affect us at all. We all love Coach Hoke enough so we'd never leave him," Kalis said."

    It mentions James Ross and RJS as players being committed to Michigan and being from Ohio, except they arent from Ohio...

  32. Over on Mgoblog another poster indicated that Dunn has twittered that he just got off the phone with Meyer

  33. okay........I'm not usually a Twitter guy so this may be totally screwed up. Twitter kind of creeps me out but this recruiting lull is a killer.

    Bri'onte Dunn: Just got off the phone with Urban Meyer
    Dymonte Thomas: what ever he says it don't matter you don't wanna be part of the spread and also you could maybe start next year for blue
    Shane Morris: if you don't come to Michigan we are no longer cousins lol” that goes for me too.” And me too!! <3

    These kids are all over Dunn. Even if Bri'onte goes tSIO, I love what are recruits are all about. Either way..........good luck Bri'onte

  34. does anybody know why Michigan went down a spot in the BCS polls after a win?

  35. So does anyone else feel as though this urban meyer to osu thing was in the works since last year! Either way bring it urbie! And your quick to give up attitude...check florida lol

    Anyways this was one of the greatest um seasons I've seen in a loooong time, with all the adversity and speculations surrounding this team they pulled together and truly represented michigan football!

    Can't wait for that bcs bid...even getting a bid is amazing to me! Regardless of our opponent I feel as though hoke and our seniors will have this team hitting on all cylinders and they will be difficult to beat

    In regards to recruiting hokes done a great job and I believe he will continue to attract top recruits due to his love for this program and his players...just listen to what he said about his players and what his players said about him after the ohio goosebumps!

  36. I am calling it now. Dunn will commit today.

  37. @jer89 I hope but maybe in a week or two but hopefully soon.

  38. @Jer, your really stepping out on a limb. Hope your right.

    @hybridlp21, I agree, Hoke has done outstanding. I was hoping for 8-4 at the beginning of the year. I listen to Molk talk about Hoke, he says these players would do anything for him, they love Hoke and his style. He is a players coach. And to think I really wanted Harbaugh. We got the right coach.

  39. Some things to think about regarding Urban Meyer. He spent a couple of years in the Mac. Any coach worth a damn can win in the Mac.

    Then he leaves to Utah for Alex Smith's Junior and Senior year. Smith was the best QB in college football (per the draft).

    After Smith graduates, he goes to a Florida team with a ton of talent. 4 of the 6 (i think) years he has arguably the best college football ever. When Tebow leave, Florida is average in Urban's last year.

    So I pause and ask this question, Is Urban a great coach or simply lucky that he had the talent he did?

    I'm not too worried.

  40. A new article about Dunn and Meyer just surfaced on Scout--the title indicates that Dunn is impressed by Meyer. However, I have no access to share the news. Does anyone else have paid access to Scout?

  41. lalondtm: Wisconsin jumped us this week because they crushed a 9-2 team and we "struggled" past a 6-5 team. Not saying it's right. I know that it will serve us well if MSU beats Wisky in the B1G CG but I would rather take my chances otherwise.

    hybridlp21: They couldn't have had this in the works all year.....even Meyer said he didn't get an offer until Sunday and neither he or tSIO would ever lie.

    Jer89: Just hope your right!!!!!

    Scooter: I'm not that worried about Meyer either. If he thought Florida was a pressure cooker for a coach.....well...Welcome to tSIO. I have two concerns though. 1) We once again have a school (tSIO) and a coach that believe in winning at any cost, and 2) a great many good recruits will be swept up by the hype. Now speaking as a parent, if I had Hoke and Meyer sitting in my living room telling me that for 4 years they were going to help raise my kid, I know where I'd be leaning. Not to mention that if I ever read other blogs, as I do and I got a feel for the fan base, tSIO would never even be a consideration.

  42. I don't really put a lot of stock in Scout's articles...a lot of fluff and BS...wasn't it Scout that said RJS and James Ross were from the state of Ohio?

    Urban is a giant can already tell based on the comments on twitter from Kalis and Dymonte to Dunn lastnight...the spread doesn't not fully utilize a power back, but apparently that's what Urban is telling Brionte Dunn...Urban is a well-known crook, but people have just forgotten about that in the year or so since he "retired." He should fit in quite well with OSU...honestly if I were Oh-lie-O State was it really the best idea to have a head coach that had the most arrests during his tenure out of any other program??

  43. I remembered yesterday why I hate Urban Meyer so much. What a doucher. He says he quit Florida to spend more time with his family and then by February he realized that he missed football too much. It took him a whole 2 months with his family to realize that he can't stand them and would rather feed his own ego. It sounds to me like his family is basically begging the guy to spend more time with them and he just gave them the finger. What a great guy. One thing is for certain - Urban and Ohio are a great fit for each other.

  44. @Akmed2011

    While I agree that Scout isn't the best, I am mostly interested in hearing Dunn's quotes if there are any.

  45. Urban's a good coach, but my Miami RedHawks and Big Ben were able to get past him and his love of the spread.

    I think we have to maintain great decorum as Michigan fans, and realize that Ohio is a school with great talent, but also has less care for character. Football at all cost=my home state. My friends that are Buckeyes are really disgustingly gushing and lewd in the way they say f-you to Michigan. So, I will treat such childish behavior with poise, silence, and let the actions do the speaking.

  46. Why is everyone calling Urban "scum"? What did he do?

  47. First, I said if UM gave up 10 points or less to WMU this year, we'd win 10 game, 11-20 points and we'd go 8-4, anything over 20 we'd be in trouble. Granted WMU was shortened, but still only gave up 10, and we won 10. We got better every week and I believe we're the best team in the B1G at THIS moment. If we played MSU right now, it wouldn't be much of a game. How much better will we get with a month off before our bowl game? And then to start next year, with some top recruits who may not be playing, but battling everyday and giving the returners a run for their money? In a way, I hope Bama wins the NC to set up next year.

    I said yesterday I think Meyer to OSU will help us, in all reality. Some top players from Ohio come to UM to beat OSU. You KNOW there will be players who want to beat Meyer with his history, AND there will be players who want to beat him and OSU, so we'll still get top recruits, possibly more. More now than before, any top recruit OSU doesn't go after that UM does from the state of Ohio, might jump to UM sooner than usual. Meyer will want to keep his ties in Florida too much, because you don't want to lose Florida either. Not enough focus on one state or the other, and that will benefit UM. Also, if he does well, we could possibly be looking at another 10 year war like the good old days, though it may be about 5 because I don't think Meyer has ever stayed anywhere more than a few years.

    We could possibly knock each other out of possible NC games in the future. You figure we play at the end of the year, both win our divisions, then play each other for the CC game? Think of 2007, ranked 1 and 2 before the game, AND after the next rankings. If we had a CC game, and we beat them by 3, would we have stayed at 1 and 2 again? Or would UM have gone instead of OSU? It'll be interesting to see how those things play out in the years to come.

    Just remember, Urban Meyer said himself, Mattison is the greatest recruiter in the country. Could mean trouble for Meyer and OSU

  48. @gobluenorth I hope that's sarcasm in your voice lol

  49. hybridlp21

    You busted me!!!

    I just can't help but think that integrity might not be a Meyer/tSIO strong point. I tried, really I did. Having said that, given the tools, Meyer will be a strong coach.

  50. Jordan Payton just tweeted that he wants to hear from michigan fans.

    Hopefully this is a good sign

  51. Garnett just put Michigan in his top two, according to, also says that he is urging McNamara (#2 TE recruit) to visit as well. Best case being they both commit, this o-line class could have more potential than any o-line class i've ever heard of. how could Dunn walk away from that? RS a few, start Kalis right away and Morris should keep his jersey pretty clean while lighting up scoreboards in 2013 and beyond

  52. @gobluenorth lol...agreed....going to make this rivalry huge in the coming years!

    Urban will probibly recruit really well around here...but I think he's not going to do as well in florida and the south in general due to his alienation of florida..I'm sure everyone in florida wants a piece of ohio now....I'm sure one day they'll play each other in the holidayinntampaxtrojanarbys bowl lol...can't wait!

  53. Wow there is quite a bit to talk about. Lets consider a few things here... Like Mancave just said, this has the potential to be the greatest O-line haul in the history of recruiting. If the Hoke can get Garnett along with Kalis and Magnusson OH MY.. you also have Banner sitting out there... I agree, if your Dunn... WOW what a opportunity. I could prolly run through the holes that line could create. what depth it would give us! and a solid Future! I am starting to think also this west coast thing is about to blow up for us. I seen that tweet by Payton and told him we are basically ready. Such an exciting time!
    as far as TSiO goes, I think anything that makes the BIG 10 more competitive can only help us. we have our coach and are going to be just fine. If Meyer pushes us that much harder, its all the better for us nationally. There are always going to be other coaches who recruit well, its a national thing now. We will get the players we want, and who WANT to be here... Bottom line.

    If Dunn does not come, I wish him the best of Success, but also think that if you secure these Linemen now... you have a shot at Ty Isaac, who is an absolute beast as well. We have a good stable now, Fitz is just a sophomore, and Rawls has shown some good things. Michigan will be just fine!

  54. This might be wishful thinking but I don't think this finish is out of the realm of possibility:

    1. Garnett
    2. McNamara
    3. Darboh/Diggs
    4. Payton
    5. Wright
    6. Dunn

  55. Not liking Urban Meyer already. First he seemed to have charmed Dunn last night... now on 24/7 sports, Yuri Wright quoted as having interest in OSU after a call from meyer. When asked he didn't just say yes, he said "heck yea"...

    Losing those two to OSU with this little trail time could be a very bad sign for recruiting in the future.

  56. GBC,
    I could live with that class.

  57. I am not going to worry about Urban Meyer at all. He will only be at OSU for 2 or 3 years before he takes the ND job. It will depend on how long ND sticks with Kelly.

  58. JER89

    You are so wrong.......Meyer will stay as long as he looks good!

  59. I bet Meyer has a clause in his contract for the ND job. Just like Hoke had for UM.

  60. Urban Meyer has absolutely no ties to ND. He is from Ohio and has said that OSU was his dream job.

  61. No Urban wants anything to do with ND. He will be around until he sees a lack of talent on the roster.

  62. Urban was a coach at ND

  63. I think we're going overboard about Urban Meyer, he'll recruit well. Other coaches have recruited well before him. Having said that I have faith in our coaches and wouldn't trade places for nothing. Urban is too flighty for my liking even if I was a Ohio fan. I'll take our coach and be proud of what he's done and what he will continue to do in my opinion.

    I hope Ohio does do well and we get the joy of beating them ala John Cooper years :)

  64. Meyer was a Wr coach at ND for four years, and on his wiki it says ND is his dream job.

  65. honestly who cares what his dream job is? any Ohio fans would be laughing there asses off at this thread here. sounds like a bunch of fear and I for one say there's been too much talk about "that guy coaching Ohio"

  66. Yeah no kidding, relax. Don't worry about the guy with the initials UM. He is a national name and guys like Yuri are going to be excited about hearing from him, he did win 2 NC's at Fla.

    Still, he has to prove he can win without a Tebow or Zooks' recruits on his team. Look at Fla right now, his last season he was 7-5 in the regular season and this year they went 6-6. He didn't leave that situation very well did he?

    I think he's had a lot of good fortune where he's went and the players he inherited, he will inherit some talent at ohio, but what happens after they leave. He might recruit well, we'll see, he's not in the southeast anymore, he won't recruit or coach better than Tressel did.

    We're fine with Hoke and Staff, I wouldn't trade them for anyone.

    And if guys like Wright want to be swayed by ohio and their situation, well that seems kinda dumb to me with the sanctions they'll be under and what that school is all about. I don't want guys that get swayed that easily, it would make me wonder about their character, they can have him.

  67. Why is everyone getting there tail in a knot over Urban Meyer. He is just a coach, with two arms two legs like everyone else. He does NOT walk on water. He’s just a football coach. Look at his last year at Florida if you want reassurance that he is just a football coach. He was 8-5 and got blown out of his bowl game.

    And I don’t have to remind anyone of the Capital One bowl where Lloyd Carr and company defeated the future Evil Empire coach and his famous QB.

    As always,,,,

    GO BLUE!

  68. Who cares about Suburban Meyer. U of M has won against every Blohio team, even those coached by Woody-the-Pecker. Remember those top rated teams they had in the 90's? Check the results.

    U of M just needs to go back to basics that have carried them. Pro-Style QB's that will encourage WR's to commit. O-Line that allow RB's to run, and a McCartney Monsters type D. All three of these issues are being addressed with the 1st Hoke Class of recruits. Give 1 - 2 more years.

    Mattison has an incentive to stay at U of M, his daughter and grandchild live in A-Squared. I'm sure his wife has something to say as to where he works. Recruit/coach away Mr. M for the next 10 years.

    Detroit Freep reports that:

    1.) Arizona is trying to schedule U of M within RR's 1st three years as coach.

    2.) Garnett enjoyed his visit to U of M with friend and current commit, E. Magnusson.

    3.) Akron is considering Tressel. Akron is U of M's 3rd game in 2013. Why is Tressel only wanted as a coach in Blohio? Maybe there are no standards there.

    M GO BLUE!!!!!

  69. I think I know why JT only wants to coach in Ohio. Just think about how much time he would have to spend making inroads and forging new relationships with the tattoo parlors and car dealerships in a new state. Why switch states when you have already built a solid base at home?

  70. All this talk about Meyer!?!

    Ho, hum...

    OK, Here's some more:

    1. Lloyd, and MI, beat him at his peak. Yes it was an emotional win. But it was a win.

    2. He inherited a stacked roster, a program poised to peak, had the benefit of following a failure who followed a legend, and started out in a conference facing it's most downtrodden stretch in recent history. ohio and the Big Ten right now?!?

    3. He had some great assistant coaches. He may have picked them, and developed them artfully. Or he may have gotten lucky. Or, it may have been easier convincing people to move to Florida. Probably a little of each..

    4. If you don't believe the rumors about his resignation, and stick to the story as reported, he cracked under the stress of managing a big time program. He will either crack again, or change. No one knows what changes will be made, and how that will effect the product.

    5. He dominated FL when FSU, and that other UM were on their knees. He's coming into the Midwest now recruiting against MI, ND, and probably his former protege at PSU.

    6. His former DC is now working against him.

    Here's my bet: He's the next Cooper. He will beat almost everyone, except Michigan. He will either crack under the strain, or huff off in disgust/be fired for losing to Michigan. He will then coach either the Browns or Bengals to continued mediocrity, continuing to cash in along the way.

    Any way it goes, I love it. Bring it, Oscar Meyer! Let the hype begin. And, I hope Mullen goes to PSU. The only hope the Big Ten has at competing with the SEC begins with great coaching and recruiting.

  71. Bluemarrow said it the best there at the end. Adds to our overall competitiveness nationally. Ive said that from Day one. Michigan is fine. Ill also point out, that while I would love to beat TSiO till the end of time, its not a Rivalry if its one sided. GO BLUE.

  72. ND went hard after Meyer after they fired Ty. Urban was willing to take the job, but he wanted a few "academic exceptions" every year like Lou Holtz got. ND refused so Urban turned down the job and went to Florida.

  73. @BlueMarrow,

    Completely agree. This is very good for the Big 10 and what is good for the Big 10 is good for Michigan. I think the Big 10 has gotten a lot of disrespect this year from the rest of the country. Most think we are the 5th best conference this year, which I guess that isnt too outrageous since MICHIGAN STATE is in the conference championship game!

    Like it or not, a strong OSU makes the Big 10 stronger and thus makes Michigan stronger. Beating OSU this year was nice, but it would have tasted even sweeter if they werent 6-6.

  74. So who does everyone think is a good/favorable matchup as far as Michigans bowl game and who are the teams Michigan does not matchup as well against??