Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Alex Smith Update

Michigan has lost a bit of ground in recruiting Ohio TE Alex Smith. The four star recruit from West Chester, Ohio has named a few schools at the top of the list; "Cincinnati, then Wisconsin, then North Carolina, and Kentucky is in there too."

However he does plan to visit many other schools; "I got to check out Michigan, Kentucky, North Carolina State and Michigan State," Smith said. "And I'd like to make a trip down to LSU and Miami. Oregon wants me to make it up there. We'll see how it goes."

Michigan's offense doesn't usually involve the TE position much, and Smith has mentioned this as a downside to joining Michigan. However with the improvements made by Kevin Koger and Martell Webb this summer, Rich Rod could look to use the TE more, which would help in Smith's recruiting. 

Smith has just scheduled his first official visit, Wisconsin on September 5th. 

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