Saturday, 1 August 2009

Team Rankings

News has been slow today, so let's have a look at how Michigan's current commits compare to the other classes in college football. 

Firstly, it could be argued that the 3-9 season has had a pretty big effect on the level of prospects interested in Michigan. Going by the rankings, only 5 of Michigan's 16 committments are four star prospects, which isn't great compared to the likes of Texas (11 four stars) and Georgia (9 four stars). Michigan currently rank 13th on scout's team rankings, although that could easily change.

Personally, I have a feeling many of Michigan's recruits are underrated, especially Cornelius Jones and Tony Drake, both rated two star prospects....harsh! This is because they weren't big time recruits and no-one knew much about them, so expect those two player to at least earn a third star during their senior seasons. 

Good news however, is that we are beating Ohio State at the moment, who lie one place below us in 14th!

Prediction: Michigan end up around 9th-12th

Best Class in the Big ten? : I fancy Penn State to bring in a great class, which has already started very well.

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