Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dior Mathis to MSU aswell?

An article from the Detroit News says that Dior Mathis, one of the top cornerbacks in the state of Michigan is deciding between MSU and Oregon. 

Michigan and Miami are two other schools still in the picture, but quite far behind his two favourites at the moment.

"Right now it is going to be between Oregon and Michigan State," Mathis reported. "Those are my top two right now. For (Michigan) State and Oregon, the two things that they have in common are the coaches. The coaches are just down to earth. You know how every coach will say anything to you, but when you actually go to the school they are a whole different person?

When asked of Michigan and Miami, "I haven't talked to those guys a lot, but I know that they're good schools," he told "I know I can go to Michigan anytime I want, and Miami was my first love. They'll always be at the top of my list or in my top five."

Check out the full article here.

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