Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ask Kyle Bosch a Question!

Hey guys, I'm going to be chatting with 2013 OL Kyle Bosch tomorrow morning and wanted to see if anyone had any specific questions that you'd like to ask Kyle. Post a comment with your question and I'll make sure to get your question to him tomorrow!
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  1. Ask him if he would like to play OT or OG in college.

    Ask if he is willing to take a red-shirt, if necessary.

  2. Ask him if he has any friends that he would like to go to college with And what he looks for in a college. Thanks

  3. How does Michigan stack up against other school who are recruiting him?

  4. How does developing a relationship with someone like a Kyle Kalis affect his decision? Does it help or hurt Michigan?

  5. Ask him when he was growing up who did he look up to on any Michigan roster and mold his game after if any.......

  6. Off topic, but I want to know why everyones acting like meyer is the reason for their recruiting success? They just got in trouble for illegal benifits, they've always recruited well, in bball also. If they didn't it wouldn't be the greatest rivalry game of them ALL!! Their recruiting was a disaster because they didn't have a HC, and had sanctions pending.

    If you ask me the fact that we filled this class so quick, and in the end it's still a top 10 class still is very impresive. I look at the class as done! Great class, if we get another one then hey, welcome aboard.

    I can see norfleet stepping right into odoms spot. KR, slot receiver. Darboh taking over for hemminway.

    I hate waiting for the season to start!!

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  8. This is a bit off topic and I know that he is a Michigan Alum, but Les Miles' comments regarding Gunner Keil are yet another reason I'm glad Dave Brandon sought out Brady Hoke. What kind of coach takes a swipe at a kid that is still in high school. If he never "had the chest", as Miles stated, to lead a team than why did you recruit him so hard and why are you so upset he changed his mind. Gotta love the Sans Ethics Conference.

    1. Maybe he had pre-paid the signing bonus. lol

  9. I know Gopher, great comment and Hoke is class personified my man, we're lucky to have a great coach who knows how to motivate, is confident in himself enough to hire a great staff with extensive backgrounds and garner peer respect. Last season was no fluke folks, it will be the norm, just think how good we'll be when the recruits and coaching keeps coming along.

    As for Bosch, Davon please ask him if a coach comes off like he has integrity and won't promise things just to get him to commit, will that matter to him. Will he be looking for that and know to see through it when it occurs.

  10. Does he hate that team from Ohio?

  11. Davon,
    If you could ask him. What is he looking for in a school? Weather it's academics or football that is the most important.

  12. Ask him what he has identified as the areas of his game he must improve on his senior year to take the "next step".

    I always appreciate it when renowned high school players can see past the glitz of recruiting/rankings and recognize they have room to grown technically and/or physically. That says a lot about character and the ability to accept coaching.


  13. As an ice breaker, ask him if he's related to Robert Bosch (famous German innovator)

    Silver lining for Michigan fans on the Urban Meyer hire...On the surface, it looks like a brilliant hire for OSU considering his success on the field, especially doing it in the SEC, plus his ties to Ohio. However, I think it speaks volumes to OSU's priorities and lack of genuine integrity that, on the heels of very serious violations they hire Meyer who has a history of recruiting players with questionable character...i.e. 30 players that were arrested at some point during his 6 year stint at Florida (5/year on avg). This proves that OSU is a football team with a school attached.

    So they got lucky that 1) Penn State took the attention of them and 2) that the NCAA fell for the excuse that Sweater Vest was the sole offender.

    So I give Meyer 3 years before he trips and falls into some hot water.

    Here's to Hoke and the good guys...

  14. Would he consider changing his middle name to Vanden?

  15. oh I wish I saw this post sooner when it was about to happen, I would like to ask Kyle Bosch some questions, but I think that soon there will be something like that at, so I will have mu chance