Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kevin Gladney Update

A couple days ago I had the opportunity to chat with 2013 Akron (OH) WR Kevin Gladney. Gladney has offers from Nebraska, Michigan State, and Michigan as of now. Gladney stands 6'2 and 185 lbs., and has the ability to play in a pro or spread style offense. Heres an update on his recruitment:

-West Virginia and Michigan are recruiting him the hardest, but Michigan is showing him the most love. No decision date or leaders.

-Gladney participated in the Under Armour combine and he thought that he had "a pretty good performance, and he learned a lot, but more importantly he enjoyed himself a lot."

-Being a top receiver in Ohio makes Gladney "feel good", and inspires him to work harder to get better. He says that he has handled the recruiting process very well. He's been very humble and has "treated everyone respectfully like his parents told him to.

-Kevin would be welcome to play both basketball and football, if the opportunity was available. Basketball was actually his first love.

-Kevin says that he improved on his speed and height from a year ago to help better his game. When asked what his strengths and weaknesses were, he said: "My strengths would be my speed and my ability to catch the ball at it's highest point." My weaknesses would be my strength. I feel like I need to get stronger."

-Greg Mattison is Gladneys main contact at Michigan. He said that "Mattison is great, and he's a good guy, whose really funny and sounds like he really wants me to be a wolverine."

Gladney should be a top five prospect in Ohio come summer time once he participates in some junior days and football camps. Seems like Gladney has really connected with Coach Mattison and he likes Michigan. We need to get him on campus, but as of now, I like our chances.


  1. I love different services, Complex says 6'2 (along with scout/247), rivals says 6'4, ESPN says 6'1.

    Either way, I'd say 6'2 is a solid guess, don't know much about this kid, but if he is what complex says he is, sounds good to me

    1. of course the buckeye website says "gladney is a life time THEosu fan" with an offer from Michigan. According to rivals, THEosu hasn't offered him yet

    2. 6'2 is what Kevin told me. He is am good looking prospect. Not the best receiver that we're in on, but I would love to have him commit.

    3. Works for me. I'm high on Jaron Dukes myself, but I love the big body receivers

  2. How many receivers do you see us taking in this class, to me its looking like a solid 3 (possibly)

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  4. I was waiting for this Kevin Gladney update since I read something about him at, thank you so much buddy!

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