Monday, 6 February 2012

Commitment Profile: Khalid Hill

Name: Khalid Hill

Location: Detroit, MI

Position: TE

Ratings: ESPN – NR* (40), Scout – NR*, 247 Sports - 3*

Recruitment: There's not too much to say here. Hill grew up a Wolverine fan and knew that when offered, he would commit. He increased the chances of getting that offer by turning in an MVP performance at Michigan's summer camp, although he still had to wait until February 6th 2012 for his offer.

Offers: Michigan, Central Michigan.

Stats: Currently weighs around 235lbs at 6’2. As a junior he caught 29 passes for 448 yards and 6 TDs. Also played on defense and made 55 tackles, but he'll most likely be a TE in college.

ESPN Analysis: None available. Analysis: None available

Improvements: Hard to say this early on, and without any real evaluations. Wouldn't mind seeing him grow 2-3 inches in height though.

Film Highlights: Link here.

Final Thoughts: Michigan missed out on Sam Grant at the end of the 2012 class, so it was obvious that they'd be after at least one TE in the 2013 group. They got to see Hill in person at the summer camp, and were clearly impressed with what they saw. He's also a very smart guy, and as he grew up a Wolverine fan, he sounds like a great fit for the team.

At this point his commitment won't affect any other 2013 prospects, as Michigan probably has room for at least one more TE, depending on how much Al Borges wants to use the position in the future. Michigan got a good receiving and blocking duo in Funchess and Williams for 2012, so it might be tough for Hill to get past those guys on the depth chart, but its so early that its not really worth speculating just yet.

The ratings aren't overly impressive, and neither is the offer list. Unfortunately that offer list is unlikely to expand now that he's committed so early, but UM coaches know what they're doing, and this is clearly a guy they wanted in the fold early.


  1. I like this pickup...Hoke will know wat position to put him at.

  2. I am happy with this commit. I love the fact he committed on the spot. Now that's a true Michigan man.

  3. I was just looking at Scout for 2013 at the TE position this morning. Hill is the only one that stood out as having a realistic chance without having to compete with a ton of teams. There is that top TE out of PA I think it is but he already has about 20 offers. Good pickup in my eyes. Good to have you here Khalid! A couple other prospects I looked up on youtube to watch their highlights was James Quick and Jourdan Lewis. Both looked impressive and I hope we can pick them both up for 2013.

  4. It is being reported that CB Anthony Standifer is visiting Vanderbilt next weekend. If he does not have the grades to get into Michigan then how does he have the grades to get into Vandy? I would still like Standifer in UM's class.

    1. IIRC it's not grades, he's missing a core requirement, I heard that it's the same reason he can't get into Notre Dame, that sucks because we could really use him...

  5. Sounds like a solid player who loves U of M. Hoke needs to retake Michigan's place as the dominant recruiting power in the state of Michigan and this kid is another step in that direction. I'm excited to see the commits start piling up for 2013.


    Hill will be an H-Back. In the mold of Aaron Shea or Will Paul. Like a fullback-tight end hybrid, proficient in blocking and pass catching. He'll line up in the backfield more than he will on the LOS.