Saturday, 10 September 2011

2013 Commit!

Dymonte Thomas has favored Michigan for a while now, so there's no surprise that a visit like this would tip him over the edge. He joins Shane Morris in the current 2013 recruiting class.

For those of you who haven't heard much about Thomas, I believe he is listed as an athlete on most recruiting sites, with either RB or DB being his most probable positions at the next level. There's quite a bit of hype around him already, so it'll be really interesting to see if he comes out as an early four star on, who are usually first to release their 'early' rankings.

Sidenote: He's also the cousin of Brionte Dunn. Yes, the same Brionte Dunn who now wishes he could turn back time and go to see the greatest game in recent Michigan memory, instead of watching Penn State getting taught by Alabama.


  1. Benji.. What is your source on this?? I'm trying to verify things right now via twitter..
    Also, heard rumors about Danny O'briend.. Looks like TomVH cleared that up though.. You hear anything?

  2. Found a paywalled story on scout.. Heading to bed, keep me in the loop folks!

  3. Patience, my boys.

    He's building it. They are coming.

    The wondrous wings of the Phoenix are unfurling.

    The hatchling recruits are enviously gazing upon the spectacle and majesty of the beautiful beast.

    Recruiting, for the rest of the year, is now reserved 4-5 star's. The 2013 Blue Chips are already falling in place.

    He's building it. They are coming.


    Rivals article about Thomas

  5. I know this is alittle but I just got home from work. But that game was AWESOME!!!

  6. I just wanted to give so of my thoughts on the game.

    I know everyone is praising DROD right now. and he does deserve some credit. But not so fast my friend. He did pull off the win but lets face it the receiver bailed him on many plays. For most of the game he could not hit water if he fell out of a boat in the middle ocean. He should be thanking his receiver for saving him most of the night.

    Where on earth was Toussiant last night? Hopkins did nothing but fumble.

    The receiver need to catch the balls that hit them in the hands.

    Lets hear some positive thoughts.
    The D did alright may need to blitz on every play this year.

    Big Will needs more playing time.Kovacs played well.

    The stadium was awesome and the crowd was just as awesome.

    The D forced 4 turnovers.

    Floyd had NO TDs.

    And the recriuts got to watch a game of a life time.

  7. you know, I verified the information you gave in the side note on this price per head website, and I confirm it was true, so I do not know why some guys are saying such false things