Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Scout100 have released their early top100 rankings for the class of 2013, and it's good news for Michigan as both Shane Morris and new commit Dymonte Thomas made the list. Unfortunately it only ranks players by stars at the moment, so we don't know how high in the 100 each prospect is.

However! Shane Morris was one of eleven players awarded a 5th star already, so we can safely say he's right up there!

Also note that Steven Elmer and Wyatt Shallman made the list; these are two in state guys who are leaning towards Michigan right now.



  1. I don't know if that list is in any particular order, but Morris is at the top!

  2. Do we know what Shallman is being recruited as?
    And is Dymonte definitely being recruited as a safety for us?

  3. it almost looks like michigan's a little behind on most of those recruits.

    didnt really see michigan as an option on most of those guys' lists.

  4. Any idea how many schollies we might be able to look forward to next year.......I thought we were going to have no more the 15-18.

  5. I would think that about 20-22 scholarships may be available for the 2013 class. Currently, UM has 75 on scholarship. We have 9 RS Srs, 5 Srs, 12 RS Jrs and 5 Jrs for a total of 31 upperclassmen that will be gone when the 2013 class is ready to enroll. In order to bring in a class of 26, two scholarships will have to be opened up (75(now)-14(leaving)+26(incoming Fr)=87; 85 is the limit). So we have to get to or under 85.

    For 2013, Lewan is the only real threat of leaving early for the NFL of the sophomores. Cameron and Thomas Gordon would be the next to most likely to leave early for the draft and I think that scenario is VERY unlikely. When the 2013 class is ready to enroll, 17 RS Jrs and Jrs will be leaving (no Jr will redshirt as they are all regular contributors). There is always attrition and medical injuries that open up scholarships, but I can see a couple spots where RS Sophomores may not be offered their 5th year in 2013.

    Here are the current RS Jrs:
    RB Mike Cox
    WR Roy Roundtree
    WR Terrence Robinson
    WR Darryl Stonum
    TE Brandon Moore
    OG Ricky Barnum
    C Rocko Khoury
    OG Elliott Mealer
    OG Patrick Omameh
    LB Kenny Demens
    CB J.T. Floyd
    S Jordan Kovacs

    All of these guys could/should be back next year. I think most of this class is safe due to the underwhelming depth on the OL. Even Terrence Robinson may get some PT next year and may be needed for depth. But like I said, in order to get 26 in for 2012, two need to leave still.
    The 2013 RS Seniors (currently RS Sophs) may be another story. I could definitely see Mike Jones and Isaiah Bell not getting a fifth year due to the strong LB classes that have and are coming in behind them. I would expect three to five more players to transfer, quit or be lost due to medical reasons. I would think it is safe to assume we will be between 20 and 22 (including Jeremy Clark) in 2013.

  6. Diamond and Wright are planning to announce after the football season year, which may not bode well. With Banner/Garnett, Payton/Darboh, and O'brien announcing sooner and all high for Michigan, kind of curious who will be left out of the boat. Cass Final Dream Recruits: Wright, Garnett, Banner, Diggs, Payton. I believe UM staff may have room for (5). We'll see.

  7. I think UM will take 5 more commit. This is only a guess. Darboh,Banner,Wright,Payton and O'Brien are my guess.

  8. Drew Henson was a quality in state QB as was Dane Fife, but Fife opted for basketball at IU... Kirk Couzins at MSU has also done some fairly good things.. I think having a 5 star QB recruit in the stable will only help as to attract other top talent, particularly skill positions who feel that he can get them the ball.

  9. Article on Rivals says Dunn is still planning on taking an official visits to Ohio State, Penn State (last week was unofficial) and Michigan. He will visit unofficially Michigan during the season and officially after his season is over.

    Wright is sounding more and more like he is Georgia-bound orpossibly going to Rutgers with several of his current Don Bosco teammates.

    I think the 3 that are "IN" are Darboh, Payton and O'Brien. The last one or two spots in my opinion will go to Dunn (most likely) or one of the three OL (Garnett, Banner, Diamond).

  10. @Caleb

    Of the players you listed, you said two need to leave for everything to fit. If I had to guess, I'd say Roundtree and Demens. Both will need to have a big year for them to want to leave. If roundtree has another year like last, he's gone. And if Demens has a good year, he'll leave also. I know him personally, and he has the "im a big shot, im better than you" attitude. If he gets a little hype, he's gone.

  11. Demens is NO WHERE good enough to leave early. David Harris was a STUD at UM and was still a 2nd round pick. He may be one of those type of guys, but it probably wouldn't be wise on his part. I don't see Roundtree leaving early either. He is going to be a part of a three-headed monster this year and next year he and Stonum should be getting ALL the attention. Very doubtful he puts up numbers like last year and even if he did, he doesn't have NFL measurables that make scouts drool to push him up draft boards. I don't see him being "in demand" by the NFL to consider leaving early. I think Lewan may go but not until after 2012. It will probably be a little bit of a surprise where the two scholarships come from.

  12. I agree with you Caleb 100 Percent.

  13. I'm with Caleb, as well.

    Especially the last sentence.

    Let's remember that Stonum is on his last strike, and probably Hagerup too. There will be a handful of transfers, and maybe (God forbid) a career ending injury to a current RS Junior, who them, if ready to graduate, moves on.

    And, you can statistically count on, with near certainty, that someone, if not more than one will get kicked of the team for doing something stupid.

    (If I had been held to their standards during my college years I would have been kicked off)

  14. @Caleb

    I agree Demens is no where near good enough, just his attitude bothers me. I would love to see roundtree stay, so I hope he will. Some kids just cant help themselves though, remember Donovan Warren?

  15. Demens leaving early!?!

    That's a hoot.

    To do what, try out for WWF wrestling?

  16. Like I said above, I don't think anyone will leave for the NFL early this year. But of the RS Jrs that may not be renewed Elliot Mealer and Terrence Robinson are the most likely. Isaiah Bell and/or Mike Jones may bail as well. You never know how homesick a freshman or two may be after one year away from his mama might feel either. Career-ending injuries are unpredicatable and disciplinary stuff is semi-predictable (Stonum & Hagerup) like BlueMarrow said. It'll be interesting. It could even be a guy like Devin Gardner that is chomping at the bit to get some PT (that would really suck). Hope UM gets up big early and he can get a solid half of game action in vs EMU.

  17. Demens was the best linebacker on last years's squad, so I think scoffing at the notion may be too much. If the team does win 10 games this year then it is going to be Demens with the best chance to make the leap. He's the best player on the defense outside of Martin. What's interesting to me is how quiet he's been this year. Perhaps we don't see how well he's doing because he isn't the one blitzing as much? Other LBs are doing some good things.

    I've been surprised by the lack of plays made by Roh and by Martin in the early two games. Martin's been getting double teamed and the LBs and Black have been the main playmakers off his doubles.

    Tom Gordon needs to play better or that's one Cass Tech guy that I see getting benched soon. He was burned hard for the first and last ND touchdown. His play alone is making Kovacs look like an All-American.

    I am happy that more players are making plays on defense, though. More tackles and more pursuit. They remind me of my Bears in that they bend but don't break. They're limiting the big plays for the most part, and that's given them the chance to attack. Rather than 3 plays for 60 yards and a TD they're making teams drive for 9-10 plays and getting the turnover at the end of the play. Now they just need to force more fumbles rather than wait for the offense to give them the ball via Rees or Gray.

  18. The last ND touchdown was a blown coverage by Robinson not Gordon! I believe Roh is still recovering from mono, though he hasn't made any plays he also hasn't made many mistakes.

  19. That front line needs to get to EM QB this week.

  20. @ lalondtm:

    I completely disagree about Demens. I know him as well and think he's a smart level headed guy. If he has a good enough year to leave, I say good for him. A good year for Kenny means a good year for Blue.

  21. I thought thomas was a RB. He's a safety?

  22. They will not let go of mealer, RR told him that he would have a scholly for his entire stay. That would make Hoke look real bad saying what the guy's been through

  23. Mealer is on the second team anyways and we only have one freshmen this year on the O line so why in the world would we ever let him go anyways? If someone gets injured on the O line next year he will most likely be the first person to come in.

  24. oh thanks for sharing that data with us, I will go check out price per head blog and then the early top 100 rankings for the class of 2013 by! :D