Friday, 2 September 2011

Pre Game Predictions

I'm going to be busy tomorrow, so today I'll run through roughly what should happen tomorrow as UM takes on Western Michigan.

A week or two ago I did an initial prediction for each game, and I had this one down as an easy win. Nothing since then has caused me to change this, and I think it will be a similar score to the 2009 game between these two sides.

Michigan should be able to dominate in the trenches, so expect a lot of run plays and an increased 'time of possession' compared to last season. Denard will still get his QB designed runs, and I think he'll have 100 yards rushing by halftime against a suspect defense. As for passing, I don't think they'll do anything too risky, quite a lot of short passes to build up confidence.

On defense, I think the team will come out strong and hopefully get some real pressure on the WMU QB. Apparently he's quite good, but to be fair we heard the same thing about Tim Hiller in 2009, and he only put 7 points on the board.

Hoping for one field goal too...!

Final Prediction: UM 38 ; WMU 10.


  1. Can't wait to be back in Michigan Stadium! Who is going to the game tomorrow? If so, where you tailgating? I want to golf course but not my week to drive.

  2. Lets have alittle fun. And do our own predictions. We can predict QB yards passing and rushing and TDs, RBs leading rusher, yards and TDs, WR yards and TDs and kickers. The D we can do TDS allowed,Ints and sacks.

    QBs DRod 2 Tds, 175 yard passing, 1TD 103 yards rushing.He plays first half and 2 series in the second half.
    D Gardner 1 TD, 105 yards passing and 0 TD,56 yards rushing.

    RBs Shaw 1 TD, 99 yards rushing
    Toss. 0 TD, 78 yards rushing

    WR Koger 2 TDs 110 yards receiving
    JR 1 TD 100 yards receiving
    Roundtree 0 TD 76 yards receiving

    Defence 10 points allowed, 2 Ints and 4 sacks.

    Kicker Wiles 1 Fg from 47 yards out
    Gibons 1 Fg from 32 yards out.

    Final score WM=10 and UM=41

  3. In 2009, the spread was Michigan -13, and the over under was 53. Michigan covered, and the under won, with a final score 31-7.

    This year, Michigan is -14 and the over/under is a whopping 60.5.

    I agree with Benji. I'll take the under, and Michigan minus 14.

    I think Michigan will attempt to show as little as possible of their new packages, leaving the Irish as much in the dark as possible.

    I'm hoping for early, and total domination on both lines, and more of a full speed scrimmage than a real game. We will see the heralded return to power I, screens, short slants, and an occasional deep ball. Denard's longest runs will be the result of broken plays, not by design.

    What I think will be the full package will not be unleashed until the Domers arrive. I believe it will be an unpredictable and virtually unstoppable hybrid of spread and pro set, with check offs flipping back and forth, and the defenders clueless.

    I'm also hoping that USF takes it to the Irish, long and hard, for four gut wrenching quarters, before the Irish prevail. I want them coming off a win, and more emotionally and physically beaten up than we have ever seen them in our traditional game 2 match up.

    But there I go, making the mistake of a true amateur... Looking ahead to the next opponent!

    Have fun everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekend, spend time with your friends and family, and revel in the game day magic that really defines the Michigan football experience.

    I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about watching them come out, and touch the banner. A new era in the history of the program dawns tomorrow. Lets hope the big man leading the team out, touching the banner for the first time as a head coach, someday takes a place with the likes of Yost, Crisler, Oosterbaan, Schembechler, and Carr.

    Lofty, and some would say unrealistic expectations, to be sure. But we are Michigan! We dare to dream!

    Go Blue!

  4. I'll be there too, over at Pioneer. The golf course may be closed tomorrow if we get the preicted weather overnight.

    To the game:

    I've long had us winning this one 34-20 so I'll take the under and I'll now say that we cover the spread.

    As for the game plan????

    Coach makes it sound like we're just not there he toying with our opponents or trying to make the TEAM work that much harder.

    Is his opinion for the benefit of our opponents or his players.

    I agree that if we are ready, we probably won't see how good this weekend. He won't show the Irish all of our cards.....or will he. I believe that our coaches are thinking of everything. Do it all, run the score up on WMU and keep let the Irish know how good we are, make them think about it and build up our TEAM confidence for "Under the lights". Or do we keep it a little closer, run less, safe passes, cover the spread, let the Irish come in over confident.

    I think we see Denard and our backs run early, short safe passes and build up a cushion before we jump right into our new offense. Yes Denard runs for 100+ (just because he can), Denard 2 TDs running, 2 passing and our backs get us another. Yes Wile gets at least 1 FG through the uprights (1 for 1 long) and Gibbons goes 1 for 2 short. I'm running my own score up....I know but I'm getting excited.

    What I don't want to see Saturday or ever again......3-3-5 D.

    What I would love to see.....Just one play with Robinson and Gardner on the field.

    I just can't wait for it all to start......yes right from "Band, take the field" to the TEAM standing in front of the student section after the game. Five straight Saturdays in the Big House!!!!! There is a Santa, there is a Santa!!!!

    Hope you all enjoy the weekend, your friends and families and of course the game.

    Go Blue!

  5. I'll be there, but I'm not sure where we are tailgating yet, probably one of the frats on Hill Street?

  6. Obvs will be there hopefully on the golf course with the OX guys. Meechigan will have a solid ball controlling football game. As stated above plan on not seeing too many direct plays for denard so to keep the irish in the dark. Dive left Dive right and stretch plays the rest of the game if we get up by 14. The D will be the biggest surprise on giving up one big play ( blown assignment ). The hype of a balanced team, kicking game, defense, offense, and special teams, will spring board the fan base into a Hokeamania frenzy and the nation will be all over us. Then nd will come in scared and we win the night game handedly with denard breaking a 70 yard td run and pulls a desomond in the inzone on a live nationally televised game! Callin it!

    Mich 35 West 7

  7. I wil be at the game and tailgating at the golf course unless rained out, then probably Pioneer.

    I think there will be heavy doses of running, maybe setting upa bomb to Roundtree or Hemingway.

    Mike Martin should dominate, or get consistently double-teamed to setup Van Bergen or Roh nicely.

  8. I am going to call the first play now.
    DRob under center hands off to Shaw runs left behide Lewan 5 yard gain. Same play UM ran with Hart to start the game.

  9. Thoughts and prayers out to the Utes and Ron Tongaonevai:

    WEST VALLEY CITY — The wife of a University of Utah football player was killed in a car accident Thursday, about an hour after the game against Montana State.

    Janelle Tongaonevai, 25, was killed when a Jeep heading west at about 10:30 p.m., hit her car in the intersection of 4800 West and 3200 South, according to police. The 38-year-old male driver of the Jeep was also killed.

    Tongaonevai married Ron Tongaonevai, a junior defensive lineman from West Valley City, last summer.

    "This is a devastating loss for everyone involved in our program," said U. football coach Kyle Wittingham. "Our players and staff are grieving for Ron, and our top priority is to give him our support."

    Another woman in a third car was taken to an area hospital in serious condition after the Jeep also impacted her vehicle. Police are still working on a toxicology report for the driver of the Jeep. It is unknown whether he obeyed a red light traffic signal at the intersection.

  10. For anyone who lives in an area where they can't get TV access to the Michigan game tomorrow will be available on ESPN3. Now, if you are some of the unlucky individuals who do not have a cable provider that gives you free access to ESPN3, all you need to do is sign up for a FREE e-mail account. Then go to and when you try to view, choose AT&T as your cable provider and login with your e-mail account and password. This should allow you to watch the Michigan game from almost anywhere. Hope this helps!!!

  11. I just have a quick qestion. If a college player signs a jersey for a sports company and they sell it on internet for 10x value would this get player in trouble with NCAA? Just wondering.

  12. I'm not sure if Michigan will keep Drob under wraps for the ND game. I think Michigan needs to get off to a big hyped start to put the pressure on ND. It's going to be a prime time game, and Michigan needs to look fantastic against WMU for the atmosphere to be right for the ND game. Denard needs to have a huge game, throwing for a couple, and breaking a big run for a TD. I think fans need to see that Drob will still be used to run occasionally otherwise they will be worried. I respect Carder as a signal caller/passer, so I'll give WMU 17 points TOPS. But Michigan will poor it on, and backups will take over in the second half, D Gardner will have a good day himself, and our RB's are going to look solid.

    Defense keeps WMU under 250 yards. I know Carder is good, and so is White, but WMU offensive line is garbage, and other than white, they have no other solid target's. Our D line and pass rush will be all over that O line.

  13. My buddy is planning on us tailgating at Pioneer either way. We also have 8 extra tickets if anyone wants to come on down. We should gave a Benji fanclub tailgate. Lol. Thunderstorms will not be fun. But at least its not NW 3 years ago when it rained on us and then we all became walking isicles.

  14. JCarter,
    The player only gets in trouble if they receive money or something in trade. Why do you ask?

  15. JC,

    As you know, it's not a violation for a player to sign an autograph. And, no player can be expected to control the actions of anyone receiving an autograph.

    Anyone not subject to NCAA rules and regulations, who obtains an autograph, is free to sell their private property.

    It's a violation if it can be proven that someone subject to the NCAA's rules did more than just give away their autograph. Like, exchanged them for tattoos, for example.

    Professional memorabilia dealers employ anyone and everyone they can find, to obtain autographs for the exact purpose you cited.

    I've seen them shamelessly use kids at The Masters golf tournament, where only kids are allowed special access to the players at the pre-tournament par 3 contest, to name just one example.

    With that being said, if people don't think some players are getting a few Benji's (the green kind) here and there, they are living in a dream world. It is impossible to stop.

    A team can only hope to recruit, and educate kids who can resist the temptations.

  16. Rumor has it Tossiant well start Saturday?

  17. Hoke is a man of honor and character.

    When he says the best players will play, he means it. Starting with the first snap.

    I bet he's proven himself equal in blocking, and better in running the ball.

    I just hope he can finally stay healthy!

  18. The Wolverine said on there site Fitz Toussaint will start and so will CB J.T. Floyd .Surprising

  19. I will have to amend my earlier prediction and fill in Toussiant. Thats for the first play of the game. I would like to see a deep ball down the sideline to JR.

  20. Well, if that TCU-Baylor game was not enough to get you juiced, you need a pacemaker.

    I LOVE this game!

    GO BLUE!

  21. That was a great game last night.

  22. Benji,
    I thought Darboh canceled his visit?

  23. The reason I asked is that on a company named sports memorabilia is selling D-Rob autographed jerseys for 577.00 each and I phoned and they said they had several. I hope and pray it is okay.

  24. JC,
    DRob can't control what people do with a autogragh after he signs it. As long as he does not profit from the autograph he is fine. I bet you can find autographs from every major star in college on the internet. Besides Pryor told the NCAA he sold his autograph and he only got a slap on the wrist.

  25. JC,

    Save your prayers. Let's just imagine the worst case scenario, just for the sake of discussion.

    NCAA Investigator:

    "Tell me about the jersey you have for sale."

    Memorabilia Dealer:

    "Go f#$k yourself."

    Case closed.

    It is impossible to stop, because it is impossible to investigate, and prosecute. The NCAA has no legal authority, and no authority whatsoever over private parties. Sure, they can ban agents, boosters, etc from access, but that's about all.

    The only way it would ever go anywhere is if the athlete got very greedy, and audited by the IRS, confessed, tried to screw a dealer who then ratted him out, or if the dealer was engaged in something else that was subject to official legal investigation and discovery like Rife.

  26. Jer,

    That game is why I love college football. I was not even expecting anything special, and I saw an exciting, riveting, battle fought with passion by both teams, to the bitter/sweet end.

    You just do not see that in pro sports anymore, except for the rare playoff games and championships. Even those are often anticlimactic, because outright mismatches so rarely occur at that level.

  27. I like pro ball but love college ball. The pros only play hard when its the playoffs or they are in the final year of there contract.Hell now they can't even wait till the end of there contracts before they start cryin I need more money. In my eyes if you sign a 5 year 60 million contract don't get 3 years into the contact and say I want more money or I will retire.

  28. I'm in green and white country and at work! Does anyone know what radio station is streaming so I can listen to it? 930am doesn't stream broadcast.

  29. Jar-

    950, or streamed:

  30. about a half hour until game time...i feel like a kid on christmas morning...

  31. Nice projected score Benji! Two safeties in the fourth, and you would have nailed it!

  32. So far, my hopes are being realized. ND is in a tough one, and it's turned into a night game on top of that.

    I only hope Woolfolk is good to go. Otherwise Floyd/Jones/Riddick will be virtually unstoppable, even with their QB issues.

    I remember Quinn coming of age against Michigan. I never want to see something like that gain.